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Photos of Niku and Melebron - two new gamers from Bulgaria now part of ME rooster.

MeLeBron & Niku | The new gamers in Monster Energy's family

Nov 052021

Gaming is one of the sports of the new millennium, gaining more and more popularity with each year.
Gaming tournaments gather an audience the size of a Champions League match. Of course, Monster Energy is an integral part of this scene, supporting many events, competitors and teams. 10 years ago
hardly anyone imagined how this sport would develop,and it seems that this will not stop there. You may not know, but Bulgaria has more than one or two players and teams at the highest level.

Monster Energy is pleased to introduce the new members of the gaming family - Niku and Melebron.


How did you get into computer games? How old were you?

N: I have a faint memory of my father sending me to a computer club where I first opened Delta Force and Need For Speed, but that was about 22 years ago, I was only 8. One fine day! 

M: Games have attracted me since I was very young. I still remember how at 4 I started playing Nintendo: D

What do you play the most? And how long have you not been "giving up" this game?

N: I play the most shooters and specifically CS: GO. The Counter-Strike franchise itself has been playing since 2002. This game will never die, on the contrary - it is becoming more popular, despite the new titles.

M: League of Legends. In 2013, I started and continue in full force to this day.

What are you playing for fun?

N: I like League of Legends, PUBG, Valorant, anything more competitive. There was a girl on the internet who said "Luxury calms me down", victory calms me down, there is no other option.
M: Sid Meier's Civilization VI. But I don't have much time left for it.

Share your opinion about the world E-sport scene?

N: The world export scene is gaining momentum and I sincerely hope the momentum will hit Bulgaria as well. I can't wait to start traveling to events again!

M: It is evolving at a rapid pace for sure, which can only make us happy.

"We have an awful lot of talent, we started to build a work ethic, which was missing in previous years and this is evident in the success of our CS: GO teams. The best is yet to come!"

Do you think that Bulgaria is developing in this direction, that the gaming community is also developing in our country?

N: We have an awful lot of talent, we started to build a work ethic, which was missing in previous years and this is evident in the success of our CS: GO teams. The best is yet to come!

M: Not particularly, but we'll see in time.

What is the current computer configuration you are playing with?

N: Main monitor: 280hz Asus VG258QM 24.5"; Secondary monitor: 144hz LG 24GM77 24" LCD; CPU: Intel Core i7-8700K (CLOCK 4.70GHz); Motherboard: MSI Z370 GAMING CARBON AC; RAM: 32GB (2x16GB) HyperX 3200 Mhz; GPU: MSI RTX 2080 SUPER GAMING X TRIO; HDD: 1 TB TOSHIBA M2: 512 Samsung 970 EVO Plus.

M: Processor (CPU) - Intel Core ™ i7-7700K, 4.20Ghz; Video Card (GPU) - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GT OCV1; RAM - Kingston HyperX Predator 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200MHz; Motherboard - MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon.

What are your most significant gaming successes?

N: If we talk about tournaments - when I played seriously there were local tournaments that are not very important and we can not compare them with today's international ones. But I have many stories that I can tell you in a pitcher of Monster. I promise laughter! I played in a team that was in EPS Bulgaria, which were professional series of ESL. I managed to meet a lot of legends of Bulgarian gaming, even playing with most of them. Unforgettable days.

M: Spanish League final, two EU Masters performances and EUNE Rank 1. As well as 3 Challenger accounts in the EUW.

How many hours a day do you spend playing games and streaming?

N: - It depends a lot, because I still work, but I have had months in which I spent about 140 hours just streaming. In general, I entertain my audience after work, but I hope that soon this will change and I will be able to stream it full-time.

M: A lot. About 10 hours a day (plus or minus), I am convinced that I spend streaming.

"Persistence and consistency. It pays off."

What advice would you give to young gamers? What is the recipe for being successful?

N: You have to be serious, have integrity, be persistent and work hard. There is no other way, unfortunately, nothing happens in one night.

M: Persistence and consistency. It pays off.

Do you have plans for professional development outside of gaming?

N: I have been working for many years and I try to dedicate my time entirely to gaming, but still something is not enough to do just that and I have to work normal job. I believe that this will change soon!

M: At this stage, no.

Who is your favorite gaming team?

N: That would be NAVI for sure!

M: Fnatic, because a famous Bulgarian plays there!

What is your favorite Monster Taste?

N: Ultra White, as well as the green Ultra Paradise, which, unfortunately, we saw briefly in Bulgaria, but I can't wait for you guys to deliver it.
M: Ultra White