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Ment can shoot in car

MenT Interview: From Gaming to slaying tyres

Jan 292019

Meet MenT one of the most famous Czech youtubers and part of the legendary Drift Project series. Read the interview and find more about his career and future plans.

Hi MenT! Most of the readers probably know you or at least heard of you, but for those who didn’t, can you introduce yourself?

Hi! I am a boy, who likes to play games, is interested in new technology and lately been going crazy on cars.


You have started with Youtube as a child, where did the idea of shooting videos come from?

We used to play computer games with my friend and neighbour Martin a lot. We would spend hours on the computer both at my place and on multiplayer. One he showed me a program he uses for recording our gaming sessions and I really liked that. I told myself that I would try it as well. Later, when I wanted to share it with my friends I uploaded it on the Internet and that was the start of it.


Have you always been a gamer – „nerd“ or did you have any other hobbies growing up?

Since I was young kind, I have always been a gamer or nerd as you says. I spent most of my free time playing games. Over time, this has changed.


How do you think "Youtube scene" evolves from your beginning to the present?

It is different. When I started it wasn’t all about the money, there was some kind of magic to it. People were shooting videos because they enjoyed it and wanted to share it with the others. Nowadays, there are many controversial topics being discussed on Youtube and everyone is trying to benefit from them and it is not right. On the other hand, Youtube is nowadays substantially mainstream platform. And therefore it has more quality authors who can go full on with their videos, thanks to the money they earn.


What is the recipe for a successful Youtube channel in 2019?

Interesting creator, original content and good workmanship.


Are the Youtube trends changing? Is there for example more emphasis on quality / length / video concept?

The emphasis on quality is growing every year. Only a few years ago, most of the Youtubers would work on an old and slow PC with borrowed camera. The technology wasn’t that far and it wasn’t so easily accessible. Today there is no problem to buy for a few thousand a drone that can handle shots that I could only dream of at the beginning of my career. The trends are constantly changing everywhere. Something grows and then disappears. I am still mainly focusing on the topics.


“My biggest projects will be my second channel. We are planning to release a lot of DRIFT PROJECT episodes with Lucky, but we also have something new. And it will be one hell of a project!<div><br></div>”

On your second channel, which is rapidly growing, you are focusing on lifestyle vlog and especially cars. Have you been the type who loved cars since childhood, and wanted to become driver as soon as possible, or did it appear later in your life?

I wanted to shoot videos about cars for a long time, but I just wasn’t old enough. I’m not the kind of guy who would understand the cars so that he could break them into the smallest screw, but I really love them. As soon as I was 18 I went straight for my driving license and started doing it.


What is your dream car?

There are so many of them. I would like to have Huracan Performante, AMG GTR or Cayman GT4. I even more enjoy old cars such as 911, 993, 70s Fiat 500, Supra MK4, Corvette C3 or my favourite Lada Niva.


You have been recently shooting lot of videos with DJ Lucky Boy and you have together started the DRIFT PROJECT series, how did you get to know each other?

We first met at the Slovakiaring, where we were both invited for a fun day by Monster energy!


Was hit him, who brought you to drifting?

He opened the doors for me. He sowed me what is necessary and thought met he basics. I am really grateful for that. Thanks to him, I am fulfilling one of the biggest childhood dreams – drifting. Thank you Lucky!


What can we look forward to next in the series?

The viewers could so far watch the purchase and upgrade of the car, but we will release first riding very soon. We will than focus on visual upgrades or challenges from our fans.


Can you tell us what goals or projects you are planning next year?

My biggest projects will be my second channel. We are planning to release a lot of DRIFT PROJECT episodes with Lucky, but we also have something new. And it will be one hell of a project!