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Merel Bechtold explains: The Solipsist

Feb 272018

Purest Of Pain has been working on their album for quite a few years but it’s finally coming together. Monster Energy and Merel worked together on some playthrough videos and we asked Merel to answer some questions about each of the songs in those videos. We’re starting off with The Solipsist.

it’s basically a huge puzzle in which you have to make up the fitting parts.

What’s the track about?

I haven’t written the lyrics, our amazing vocalist J.D. Kaye did that! The song is about Solipsism. We released an awesome lyric video on Youtube a short term back if people would like to know more about it!

What is your personal feeling or emotion behind this track?

It was my goal to write a really brutal track with a catchy chorus and I think we succeeded in that quite well! The track has a really dark vibe and it’s also the most modern track on the record.

How long did it take the band to write this song?

J.D. Kaye wrote the lyrics to the song and I wrote the music. I’m not sure how long it took J.D. but I wrote the intro in a night and got stuck from there on. This is, to me, the hardest part of songwriting; it’s basically a huge puzzle in which you have to figure out the fitting parts. As soon as I had an idea about how to push through, the rest of the song came by itself. Joey did an amazing job on the drums and there’s so many amazing fills in the track! It was awesome to be in the studio with them.

What was the hardest part of the song and why?

I found that it was very hard to break through the hard and dark intro. The intro has so much energy that I didn’t know how to move on. I’m not entirely pleased about the intro going into the verse and know now what I would alter but sometimes you just have to move on and stop struggling. I am satisfied with the final result though!

What was your favourite part of the song and why?

I actually have three favourite parts in the song: the intro, the djent-like break and the chorus. But if I’d have to pick one part, it would be the chorus! There are so many layers in it and the rhythm-part of the drums, bass and added bit of lead guitar works really well together. I think that the experimental vocalism of J.D. Kaye is very nice as well!