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Merel Bechtold during a studio session at Mantis Audio

Merel Bechtold's New Year Catch Up

Jan 032018

Merel Bechtold hasn’t been with our Dutch family for a very long time yet but we have witnessed her playing some amazing shows with her bands Delain and MaYaN this year and recently went to check her out while she was playing through some of the tracks of her band Purest Of Pain in the studio. We took some time to ask her these questions:

The best moment of 2017 was probably making the add-ons of the Purest Of Pain album. The extra guitar riffs we made and finding out how well that worked out, that was a real blast! And the first time that I got to hear the master of the record was another one of my favourite moments of the year.

Uuuhm. Oh. I don’t really have a clue, actually! Must have had a few but I can’t think of a good one to tell you about right now...

That would be to release the Purest Of Pain record as well as possible. Apart from that, writing loads of new music and practicing more guitar playing; there’s just been too little time for that in the past period.

I’d love to be able to fully live from music. But mostly, I’d like to remain healthy enough to keep touring and making a lot of great records for a long time!