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Sam Pilgrim at the MTB project in Austria.


Aug 172017

It’s not often you get to sit down with the boys in the middle of their busy season, when they’re not competing or on the road doing some hectic travelling, but we got just the chance when Sam was on a shoot in Saalbach-Hinterglemm, Austria recently. We decided to pick his brains on what’s he’s up to at the moment and how he’s liking being back on a Downhill bike…

Hey Sam, What you up to in Austria?


We are here in Saalbach-Hinterglemm riding all the mountains and tracks they’ve got for a bike park video about the resort. We have done a bit enduro, some downhill, bit of freeriding and street trail in the town. It´s been a lot of fun so far! I haven´t been riding downhill here for around eighth years, therefore it is super good fun to be here and ride again. I really enjoyed especially riding the pro line. They have there some rad features.

What’s so good about the Saalbach-Hinterglemm region?


This will be the promo video for Saalbach to show people that it is great fun to come here. They have more than 400km of biking trails and you can link the trails. Also most of the hotels give the bike park lift passes for free. That´s probably one of the rare places doing that.

What do you think what´s the most challenging part when making edits like this?


Well, what people don’t see is that we have to wake up at 05:00 am and push it up and down the mountain. I guess, for most of the people it looks like a great fun and doesn’t seem to be difficult! But at the end, you just want to ride the full trail, but you never got to ride it. Yeah, that´s the hardest bit. However at the end the effort is worth it, when you see the end result!

You have been here for couple of days, are you happy with the filming results so far? What did you like the most being part of this project?


All the footage looks good! It is fun for me to be for a change on my downhill bike. Just to try to look stylish and have fun on the video, instead of doing crazy tricks. Well the best part of this is being in Austria. It is one of my favourite places to visit. It’s super clean and people are great here. I have been here for around 3 years on the poster and it seems that people are recognizing my face. It´s quite funny!

You have been here for several years. Is here any special trail you liked a lot in comparison with other trails?


I was here in 2008 and then two weeks ago. Yes, it is great to be back. Actually, I have hit my head too many times to remember the differences of the trails. :D

Did something funny happen while filming video?


After having the longest filming day of my life. I had to go and get into the wetsuit, which was too small for me and jump into the lake on this big water jump on my bike. But in the end it was actually a very good experience.

Tell us more about your Youtube channel…


I started my YouTube channel in 2006. I used to make normal riding edits on it all the time. Now I just do two videos a week. I do Vlog style videos with all kinds of bikes. I enjoy making and editing the videos myself. As long as people watch my videos, I will keep making them.

What are your plans for the rest of the year? Any special projects?


I am doing Banger Tour again this year. I need to film for that 4 episodes. I would like to go to Morocco, do one at home in England, one at the contest and the last one at the cool location. Stay tuned for that!

Check out the full video from Saalbach-Hinterglemm right here: