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Photo series of Miss Rage (Julia Kreuzer) - Home Story.


Sep 242019

We made our way to Klagenfurt to meet Austria's biggest streamer. Julia "Miss Rage" took us through her new house and talked with us about the gaming scene, what to do to succeed, their pets and how to combine work and free time to live her dream.

"For me it has a certain sentimental value and I love this place."

How did you come to this house and what makes it so special for you?

I grew up in this house. At that time my parents bought this one and had it rebuilt. It is a Norwegian log cabin. Two years ago, my mother moved to Germany to live with her long-time partner, that's why she wanted to sell this house. My boyfriend and I decided to buy the house. For me it has a certain sentimental value and I love this place. Since it is a bit older, we decided to renovate it and make it our own.

What is special about the interior of the house?

In the whole house almost only wood has been installed. If I had to describe the decor, I would say that it is a mix of a rustic alpine hut with modern influences. I wanted something that I still like in ten year. At least the basics, for example the big table. It should be the center of the house. It is the meeting-point for my friends. There are also power supply lines and LAN connections throughout the house, so we can stream and play in any room.

Where do you feel most comfortable to rest or recharge your batteries?

In the garden. At least in spring and summer. For two years I have, a green thumb. Previously, I just barely managed to keep a cactus alive. For me, that's the balance to streaming and getting away from the monitor, mobile phone and social media in general. I just need some gardening and I'm happy (laughs).

" I enjoy it and it just does not feel like work."

Let's get to gaming and e-sports. Let's talk about the credibility. You mentioned that you are behind everything with 100%. Can you summarize for us why you play exactly these games and follow no trends?

For me it is very important that I do not jump from trend to trend. Many people play the games that are hyped at the moment, so they get the most views. Of course it would probably be the smartest thing to do it in terms of career technology. Personally, I have to say that over the years I have learned to put my own well-being first. Of course, I also have to see how I pay my bills and my house. The reason why I started streaming and working with gaming is different. I enjoy it and it just does not feel like work. If there is something, like TeamFightTacticts, a new game that's being hyped, I like to play it and stream it. But only because I enjoy it and not because of the viewer numbers.

Because we are talking about the community or the scene: You have been a professional for 5 years. How has the scene and the community you interact with changed for you in the last years?

It has become much bigger over the years. I would say that the basics are the same. The sexism in gaming and the prejudices like, "You're a girl, you do not like computer games and you're just playing for the money" are unfortunately still there. But luckily I'm already well established. I think by now, people know that I'm not a "hype bunny" who just plays for the money. That is very pleasant for me. Of course, women are becoming more and more accepted and considered more normal, as they were about 6 years ago, when I started. If you enjoy gaming, then you enjoy gaming. That’s it!

You are someone who likes to be close to the scene. You let your fans feel this closeness. How do you communicate that and what features do you offer to your community?

For me it's like that: I’m streaming six days a week for around 8 hours a day. So you will see me in a bad mood and in a good mood. I do not have a filter and I really talk about everything. I think that differentiates me from the other streamers. Many have this clear boundary from private life to online personality. People do not like me because of my online-personality, because I present myself the way I am. I grew up slowly and organically, I can handle the hate that I get. Especially because I get so much positive feedback.

 "You're just so much closer to the community and it's a lot more personal."

You stopped using e-sports last year and now concentrate on streaming. What is your résumé about this?

I have to say that I'm really happier since I stopped doing it. Not because I don’t like e-sports, but because in my opinion it's very difficult to combine both. I streamed between 5 and 8 hours each day and then trained 4 times a week for 4 hours. In addition, there were the tournaments on weekends and also during the week. That was just a lot. If I had the opportunity to choose between e-sports and streaming, I would choose streaming again every time. You're just so much closer to the community and it's a lot more personal. I also have to say that it was difficult for me to find four people, who had the same motivation and work ethic. If at any time I'm surrounded by four girls or boys who really put in just as much work as me, I might do it again. At the moment it is out of the question for me.

We were able to observe your love for animals. Please explain how it came to and what animals mean to you.

I grew up with dogs from an early age, because my dad was in the Shepherd Dog Associations in Austria. I had to deal with dogs every day. How I came to my present animals: Yuna is our white Maine Coon and now 6 years old. Blinky is 5 and our little foundling. He is a street cat that we saved and received. He and Yuna are our cat couple. Lucifer is 4, I got him from my current friend at Christmas. Our dog Mira is 3 years old. We came to her because we regularly visit a shelter in Klagenfurt.

We will see you travel more often this year. What have you planned?

I will be at the Game City in Vienna this year. In October I will be at a Dota event in Hamburg; the ESL. I also hope to make it to Dreamhack in Sweden. At Game City, I may be working with a few partners like last year. The community and especially the Austrian fans are in the foreground again. To Hamburg I'm traveling because of a project, of which I may not speak yet. If it works with the Dreamhack, I will enjoy the contact with the community and the event with Monster.