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Team EnVyUs at the 2016 MLG CSGO in Ohio


Apr 022016

INTERVIEW WITH HASTR0 FROM TEAM ENVYUS Q: Starting a few months back, how did the team compare for this major? Was it different from other majors in the past? A: It was a little different this time for the team. The way that the team prepared. The team elected not to do a live bootcamp, so we decided to just keep it online, let players stay at home and be comfortable before they came to the major. So, we didn’t have a really rigorous bootcamp schedule with the whole team in one location, but, I think that this is just a period of our team experimenting and trying new things.  Q: So tying into that, NbK gave a rousing motivational speech to the team on Wednesday. Even though NbK stopped IGL’ing in-game, has he remained an emotional leader that the team can rally around? A: Nathan’s always been a who loves to give a pre-game speech. Even during 2015 — when we were #1 in the world at some points, #2 team overall across the year — Nathan was always the guy to hype the team up with a speech. So that’s a role that he hasn’t changed, and I don’t think he’ll ever change — just being that player with huge passion. I think that that’s something we’ll keep seeing from him.  Q: You’ve gone from being #1 in the world to hitting a bit of a slump. How did you guys handle the initial group stage loss? How did prep for elimination match? A: The team was really excited and confident coming into the tournament. Happy even told me that he he thought that they were ready for a semi-final appearance, at least. They thought that the team was playing really well in scrims, and leading up to the tournament, they were winning most of those scrims against other professional teams. So there was a lot of confidence coming in, but when we lost that first match to CLG… the team was really shocked, but at the same time, I don’t think that that is what caused them to lose against Gambit. I think the mechanical parts of the team are a bit broken right now. It’s like, even a nice car will break down, so even if you have a Ferrari in the garage, at some point you’re going to have to address a serious problem, take it apart and try to find the issue. So, after that first loss, they just kind of kept going with what they had.