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Monster Army at Simple Session.

Monster Army cruising around Tallinn

Feb 082019

Once again, we have witnessed another outstanding performance from Monster Army at one of the biggest BMX and skate competitions – this time it was at Simple Session in Tallinn. It was a tough weekend, but our boys showed that whatever the event is, the Monster Army just can`t help themselves but show everyone how it`s done.

We met up with a few of the boys to hear what happened in the sesh!

Liam Pace, who actually joined Monster Army only a few weeks back, already has proven he is here to make history – his first Simple Session and already bringing home gold. He left a gap large enough between him and other contestants to ensure his dominance in the skating discipline.


Will you have time to enjoy the city?

After the event, we have a whole day to check it out. If I`m in a new place, might as well explore it.


Do you have a routine you go through before competitions?

Not really. I try to make every contest fun, but sometimes your nerves can get to you.


Were there other riders here you were rooting for?

Ivan Federico, for the starters. That guy is insane! Who else was killing it? Jake Wooten! These are just the two I thought of right now, that were destroying this course.


What do you think was so good about your riding that you won?

I don’t know. I`m so bad at judging my own riding, I was just having fun. Maybe that`s the key to it. Maybe it was that 12h sleep I accidentally had, who knows? *laughs*

Brock Horneman is participating in Simple Session for the 3rd time already, unfortunately, this time he crashed during the qualification runs. “You win some, you lose some. That’s the game of BMX, therefore you can`t really complain,” said Brock about his experience this year. “Usually, I try to stay calm, think about my run and the bike. This time I got a bit too excited – a learning point for the future.”



A character that’s known a bit better in Tallinn is Justin Dowell, who stayed here for another half a year after his last year’s Simple Session. This year was the 3rd in a row for him and, basically, the biggest event he takes part in during the winter season. Justin got to the finals and finished 5th, only a few points away from the podium.

This was the first time at this event for our Bryce Tryon, who will be definitely coming back next year – most probably for some podium spots! “My main goal at every competition is to act like it`s another day in the park. Usually, before every competition, I have a set of tricks which I have practised beforehand. When I arrive at the event, I feel the course and then decide which tricks would be the most suitable for the specific occasion.” Bryce told us about his preparation before competition.


On the question “How does the Simple Session course differ from all the others you have ridden before?” all the guys had pretty much the same answer – it`s unique. This event changes its course every year and as it`s so big, it separates the good riders from the bad ones. But at the end of the day – it all the depends on how fast you can adapt yourself and your tricks to the specific course to get the most out of it.


  Photos done by Artur Sadovski