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Angelus Apatrida live in Resurrection Fest

Monster Energy chats with Spanish Band Angelus Apatrida after their gig at Resurrection Fest

Jul 122016

We chat wit the Spanish Band Angelus Apatrida after a great gig at Resurrection Fest.


Apatrida Angelus will be the first Spanish band stomp all continents? 

Well, in fact we have already visited five continents! Well five obviously not counting Antarctica ...

How is reaction  of the fans in every city we go? 

We are very lucky, because although change much, at each site, usually the best of all the places we've played are the people with no doubts.

What it is the strangest thing that has happened while you are on stage or concert? Any gift of a fan?

It is difficult to mention, but I think we all hallucinate on the last visit to Japan; the room was so crowded we could not even turn on the burners because there was no oxygen in the room. And there also this tradition to welcome  with gifts, they gave us practical items such as hangers, heat and cold patches, creams and a thousand other things.

Any funny anecdote from the last concert in Latin America? 

One of the main sources of anecdotes of Latin American tour was the concert in Costa Rica improvised from one day to another. It was crazy, tickets were sold in just a couple of hours and the concert ended up being absolutely amazing, in a room that was so full that almost it felt like an oven.

What you do to to relax and unwind during a tour?

There's a lot. We like to take advantage of the little time that we usually have free to explore the cities we visit.

Any plans for  end of the year 2016? 

We are about to announce two very special concerts in Madrid and Barcelona. We'll finish the year laying off tour 'Hidden Evolution' to get to work on the new album for next year. 

 Favorite Monster Energy flavor? 

 Rehab and Ripper are the best for us, although new Ultra are gaining ground!