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Monster athletes at the 2017 X Games in Hafjell, Norway

Monster Energy’s Sven Thorgren Takes Gold and Ståle Sandbech Takes Silver in Snowboard Slopestyle at X Games Norway

Mar 112017

Thorgren Wins First Ever X Games Gold Edging Out Sandbech in a Thrilling Finish

As just the second rider of the competition to drop, Norwegian Sandbech came at the course as inventive and stylish as ever. Putting together perhaps the cleanest run of his entire season, Sandbech wowed his fellow countrymen and women with a backside 180 to cab 360 off the first rail before spinning a 270 on to 450 off the tall flat rail to get his run going. From there the 23-year-old went to work on the jump line spinning a cab 1260 stalefish straight into a frontside 1440. Opting for the rocket rail he then buttered a boardslide to 630 off sending him into the final jump where he stomped a backside 1260.

With the heat on, Thorgren recalled later, "That was definitely the most pressure situation I've been in. And what I did was just think about my run, not about what place I would get."

After a longer than usual deliberation judges awarded him a 92.66, enough to steal the lead from Sandbech.


Clearly in shock Thorgren said, "Dude, I'm just trying to realize what is happening! When you dream about something since you were 12 years old and it finally happens it's kind of surreal."

Offering thanks to the crowd Sandbech summed it up saying, "It's great to be here with my people, my Viking people," before joking, "And my boy Sven, my little brother from Sweden taking me out at the last minute! Dammit! It's great though -- I love it!"

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