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Monster Euro Tour: Episode One

Jun 272022

As the first episode drops from Monster’s Euro Skate Tour - Heels are bruised, boards are delaminated, and the streets at last calmed in Bristol, Hamburg, and Berlin. A heavy squad of US and Euro talent descended on the three hallowed cities, drawing baying crowds of skate rats. All in the name of good times, celebrating the vibrant local scenes and brick-and-mortar skate shops, without which this tour would be nothing...

Skateboarding’s VIP ballers, Ishod and Nyjah, veteran Rune Glifberg, and hungry shredders Gabriel Fortunato, Jorge Simoes, and Kevin Baekkel took the streets to task. Rounded ledges at Lloyds posed no problem for Marek Zaprazny as he graced them with his light-footed presence, while crusty German sets submitted to the wrath of Aurélien Giraud, who reeled off choice manoeuvres like a man fighting for his own solo video part.  

New blood Justin Sommer, Charles Munro, and Dlamini Dlamini were out to establish themselves on Europe’s newest and most ambitious skate tour circuit. How many seats does the tour van have again? 

Shine goes to the local shredders and shops who put out the word and pulled up to support, Keen Will bombed hills and hit kickers like a man possessed; ‘Nothing Meaner than the Deaner’ locals put back-smith train lines together to show exactly who runs the place; and the good homies took care of the barbeque, keeping everyone fed. 


The kids are alright in Hamburg, with young shredders going ham down the big set, alongside Nyjah who nonchalantly rinsed it. And in Berlin skateboarding’s most urbane shop, Civilist, took care of front-of-store photo opportunities and a deep session at Mauerpark. 


After just three stops, the footage is stacked and the crew have shot enough for a whole edit. Someone should remind Aurélien that late-flippery is above and beyond what is required of a tour demo. Keep eyes peeled for episode two when the crew hit up Athens, Greece and go further East than a Euro tour has gone before, onwards to spots and sessions unknown.