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Pictures of Fnatic Dota 2 at Beyond The Summit's Dota Summit 8

Monster Gaming Weekly

Dec 202017

With the holidays coming up, tournaments are getting fewer and farther between — at least until the new year arrives. This weekend, ECS held their finals in Cancun, Mexico while the Dota Summit had its 8th and most festive edition.

ECS Finals


One week after the conclusion of its sister league by ESL, the ECS league held its Season 4 finals in Cancún, Mexico. After gathering the top four teams in the regular season from both the European and the American regions, the stage was set for the offline finals, which took place in the paradisiacal scenery of the Hard Rock Hotel. Fnatic and Liquid were present and eager to find either continued success or redemption, respectively. This time in separate groups, both teams put on a run that felt quite similar to what happened in Odense the week before.


Team Liquid landed in a group with Astralis and FaZe, as well as their American rivals, Cloud9. After fielding zews, their coach, during the ESL Proleague due to roster lock rules, this time they were able to use Lucas “steel” Lopes again for just the second tournament since his signing in mid-November. The chips were stacked against them as they kicked things off against tournament favorites, FaZe, in their opening match. Liquid still took the upper hand early and closed their first half 9-6. However, FaZe simply reversed the situation altogether in the second half as NiKo violently outpowered the Americans, ending the match with a mind boggling 40 kills. In the losers’ match, TL’s first rounds against Cloud9 showed that the team still had a lot of work to do in order to get back to their former level. While it came rather close in their three maps played in the tournament, Liquid would meet the same fate as in Odense, leaving the tournament early.


In the other group, Fnatic had just accomplished a satisfactory result at the ESL Pro League finals, and were on a mission to confirm that the event was not a fluke. Having topped both leagues online, it remained to be seen if the Swedes could also make a deep run offline in both finals. Their first match was against LG, and despite a few scares, Fnatic dispatched the Brazilian squad with some room to breathe. OpTic was not much more of a challenge, and kRiMZ denied the green wall by mowing down their offense with a CZ anti-eco to start a run that would end the game at 16-2.


Topping their group, they advanced to the playoffs where they met the team that terminated their run a week ago at the same stage of the tournament, FaZe. Back to back semifinals against the European powerhouse meant that Fnatic were given a chance to adapt. This time they tried a different approach right from the get go, in the picks and bans phase. Fnatic decided to throw a bit of a curve ball by picking Train instead of Mirage, to try and change things a little bit after their previous series. This meant that Fnatic had an opportunity to surprise FaZe and at least tie the series should Overpass, the first map, go to FaZe, and maximize their chances in this match, even if every map promised to be challenging.


The first game on Overpass went as expected, and despite JW scoring multiple 1vX clutches, they couldn’t turn the tide and were overwhelmed 16-7. The match moved onto Train, and that’s where Fnatic had a card to play. It looked as if their gamble was actually paying off as they slowly got to a 6-1 score after denying FaZe any round after the pistols. As the European squad inevitably came back, Fnatic would change the course of the half again, thanks to numerous contribution from JW, including a ridiculous 180° no-scope on karrigan. However, the second half turned out to be a disaster as Fnatic couldn’t pierce the rock solid defense of their opponents, and were forced to bow down, losing the series 0-2.


Mirroring their placing at ESL Pro League, Fnatic had to settle for top four once again. In a sense they showed consistency, proving not once but twice that they could convert their great online form into good results offline. In addition to that, in both case their run was ended by a top two team in the world, which must be noted. We can expect Fnatic to keep improving as they faced the toughest opposition repeatedly, and Golden garnered some valuable experience alongside veterans in the highest tier of Counter-Strike.


ESL Championnat National


Even though Team EnVyUs did not attend any tournaments this weekend, their Academy team traveled to Paris for the offline finals of the ESL Championnat National Winter, a tournament similar in format to the ESL Pro League but for local the Counter-Strike scenes. After an online round robin, the four best teams in the mini-league gathered at the French ESL studios on Saturday for a two-stage bracket that would crown a victor for the season.


EnVyUs’ first opponents were Limitless, a team that turned heads by beating the likes of Fnatic and Fragsters at WESG Barcelona. EnVy didn’t let that fact scare them. They jumped to a flying start after demolishing Limitless with two swift 16-3 victories on Mirage and Inferno, effectively advancing to the grand final. From the other side of the bracket came ‘against All authority,’ notably fielding ZywOo, a French youngster that has drawn the attention of the scene this year. The final promised to be quite a challenge, but nV opened the score relatively easily with a dominant 16-4 victory on aAa’s own map pick. The favor would be returned however, as the Academy squad was forced to concede their pick, Inferno, 16-7. The tie was a consequence of a few spectacular multi-kills with the deagle courtesy of ZywOo, who turned the tide at pivotal moments in the game. The final map would be more contested, but EnVy managed to take an early lead in the first half, and denied aAa a comeback in the second half to close it out 16-11 and win the final.


This marked the second consecutive victory for EnVyUs Academy in the ESL Championnat National, and the third consecutive one for Ali “hAdji” Haïnouss, cementing their status as one of the top contenders in the local scene. Their growing résumés hint at the potential that some of these players may one day become a big part of the next generation of pro players.


Dota 2
The Summit 8


Dota returned to the Summit house in Los Angeles, California, this time with the distinction of being a Dota Pro-Circuit Minor. DPC points were once again on the line, and only the top 4 teams would receive precious points towards TI qualification. EG and Fnatic were among the participants, and with a stacked field of teams only one of them would make it to the final day of the tournament.


Evil Geniuses found themselves in a group of three that looked very even on paper, and they split their series against Kinguin and compLexity. Nisha once again put on a show for Kinguin as they triumphed 2-1, but EG sealed their survival with a win over coL. Suma1L looked particularly comfortable on both Tinker and Medusa, with a combined score of 19-3 in their 2 wins. A 2nd place position in their group meant that they would have to face the wild card bracket to reach the playoffs, and they were unfortunately matched against OG. Even a Medusa-Drow lineup in game 2 was not enough to hold on as EG flat-lined in the series.


Though the early exit was not expected, the real surprise of the tournament was Fnatic. A change in fortunes was just what EternaLEnVy and company needed for the holidays, and the SEA crew was pleased with their performance in the tournament. So delighted was everyone with Fnatic’s play that we’ve decided to recap their exploits in a more festive manner:



With the Holidays upon us at the end of the year

Fnatic picked the perfect time to put it in gear

With Pie, Ohaiyo, DJ, Envy and Abed

Visions of DPC qualifier points danced in their head.

It started with the group stage where many were skeptic

But Fnatic remained calm, and their form was electric.


Their first foe was OpTic, known as “The Green Wall”

But against Fnatic their bulwark would fall

The 2-1 victory gave Fnatic the edge

And another series win would grant their round of 4 pledge

Against LGD no signs of nerves could be seen

A brilliant 3-0 showed Fnatic was keen

Yet even with this, the couch was not swayed

They thought against OG, Fnatic was flayed

"No more points for you!" yelled Blitz the grouch

No one believed, not one on the couch

But Ohaiyo hammered till none were alive

And Abed's Medusa reached level 25

Finally, OG typed out the GG

To surrender the points for the DPC.


It was Envy and DJ who stood out from their peers

By breaking some records that made everyone cheer

DJ was the star with a 32 KDA

And a solution escaped all the teams in LA

For his part, Envy made all the carries green

Against LGD, he was 11 - 0 - 18.

Unfortunately that is where the fairytale ended

As the monsters just could not be fended

The haters, they hated, but the team was fantastic

A silver for SEA, a bright future for Fnatic.


And so they bid farewell to the BTS House

After their showing much pride they espouse

The New Year is promising for the young team from SEA

But we’ll have to wait for what their next story will be.