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Photos of Team Liquid Super Smash Brothers Melee and Super Smash Brothers Ultimate players playing at Genesis 6 in Oakland, CA at the Paramount Theater. Hungrybox won first place in Melee Singles and Salem and Dark Wizzy won first place in Ultimate Double

Monster Gaming Weekly

Apr 252019

From Maryland in the US to Mumbai, India to London, England; our teams were fighting around the world this week in a number of different titles. Hbox has not lost a Melee tournament since August as he continued his win streak at Pound, while Fnatic and Na`Vi duked it out in the same group during the ESL Pro League in CS:GO.

ESL One Mumbai (Dota 2)


We’ve wrapped up another one of the much beloved ESL events, ESL One Mumbai. The Indian Dota 2 scene has been starved for tournaments as, despite their size, they have rarely seen any events take place in their country. ESL One Mumbai was the final tournament before the Minor and Major and we had the one and only Na’Vi representing us at the event. Na`Vi made quick work of their opponents during the group stage, finishing 2-1 overall and securing a spot in the upper bracket with victories over Team Team and Complexity. 


They moved on to the upper bracket where they faced off against Keen Gaming. As the first Chinese team qualified to the upcoming Major, Keen Gaming were sure to pose a threat to Na’Vi. While they may have been a threat, they were anything but unstoppable. Na’Vi’s mid player, MagicaL, took the series by storm, playing Templar Assassin every game and taking complete control in games 1 and 3. In the upper bracket finals Na’Vi found themselves set against Mineski. This series was Na’Vi’s greatest struggle of the event, with their only win coming from a 70+ minute game. Sadly, for this tournament it was not meant to be. After falling 2-1 to Mineski, Na’Vi were then knocked out in 3rd place after falling to the lower bracket. 

Pound 2019 (Smash Melee + Ultimate)


One of Smash’s most exciting supermajor tournament series has returned. Pound frequently featured some of Smash’s greatest sets and most exciting moments. This year showed that the Maryland tournament had not lost its magic - nor had Team Liquid.


In 2016, Hungrybox won Melee singles against Mango and in 2019 we would see a repeat of this epic matchup between Gods but this time it would be Hungrybox doing it from the lower side of the bracket. Hungrybox dropped a close 3-2 set to Mango in Winner’s Semifinals but that just made the list of opponents he’d beat even more impressive. By the end of the tournament, Hungrybox had beaten Jerry, Ginger, SFAT, S2J, Zain, and Plup before he got his rematch with Mango. 


The rematch went much more in Hungrybox’s favor, with Hbox closing out the first set 3-1 and the second 3-0. Don’t let the set scores fool you, Mango hadn’t lost his edge. Most of the games were close and saw Hungrybox busting out some of the wildest Jigglypuff tech and the best reads of his career to get some of the clutches rests we have ever seen.


Hungrybox wasn’t the only melee player making waves. ChuDat made a huge resurgence to place 7th in the tournament. He beat Gahtzu and Swedish Delight but lost two nail-biting 3-2 sets against Zain and S2J. ChuDat pulled out all the stops at Pound and showed off some impressive moves on his Ice Climbers.


The story keeps going for both players, who teamed up in Doubles and placed 3rd. Hungrybox and ChuDat only lost to PewPewU and SFAT as well as Mew2king and Plup, two legendary and long-established teams. Team Liquid’s Chillindude also showed up in Doubles, getting 4th place alongside Zain. 


In Ultimate, Dabuz showed he could contend with anyone. He placed 5th in the tournament overall and lost two 3-2 sets to Ally and Marss. If that doesn’t sound impressive, consider just how stacked Pound 2019 was. Pound 2019 had 802 entrants in Ultimate singles, including nearly all of the top 10 players. Dabuz outplaced MKleo and Nairo in the tournament. He beat Nairo, Dark Wizzy, and Ice to get there. If Ultimate’s tournaments have taught Smash fans anything, it’s that any of the top players can win. Dabuz got 5th this time but he was just 1 game away from Winner’s Finals. Next time it might be him lifting the trophy instead.


Faceit Global Summit (PUBG)


The grand finals of the PUBG FACEIT Global Summit had all cylinders firing this past weekend, as a handful of teams tried their luck at becoming Summit champions. Team Liquid and Envy made their way to London to participate in the event and they both put on one hell of a show. Envy started off the event in terrific fashion, earning a ton of placement and kill points during the first round of matches. Team Liquid also showed why they were considered one of the strongest teams in the world with consistent performances throughout the opening stage as well as a few Chicken Dinners. TL’s performance was strong enough to avoid the elimination stage and they were among the top 8 teams seeded into the grand finals after the first round was over.


Envy had to take a bit of a longer road to get there as they finished in 12th, just barely outside the required point total to avoid the elimination round. However they were clearly undaunted as they blazed through the first two games of the 2nd round, winning both and basically securing their spot in the grand finals with 3 games left to go. 


The grand finals were a nail biter, and while Envy fell out of contention early on, the top 7 teams were only 6 points apart from each other as they went into the final match of the tournament. Among those 7 teams was Team Liquid who got horrendous circle luck but managed to claw themselves into 3rd place when everything was said and done. It was a terrific event from start to finish and both of our teams in attendance played phenomenally.

Blast Miami (CS:GO)


A little over a week and a half ago, the CS:GO BLAST Pro Series of Miami gave the world a fantastic showing of some of the best CS lineups the world has to offer. When Team Liquid and FaZe came out to be the two possible teams to snatch the $250,000 prize, we knew we were in for a spectacular grand finals.


When Liquid made their advance into the finals to face a team other than Astralis, fans of North American Counter-Strike were not so secretly relieved. But the pathway to become possible Blast champions was still dark with FaZe in the way. Liquid had already met FaZe Clan previously in the tournament, but with their string of momentum and a little bit of luck, their future looked bright.


Unfortunately for that of TL, the FaZe boys had other plans in mind. The finals opened with a quick 8 round lead, leaving Liquid asking questions. Frantic and creative site takes by FaZe, and highlight reel worthy frags from AdreN allowed for FaZe to snag map one with ease. Liquid were able to put up a few decent rounds, but the constant harassment from FaZe kept them down.


Dust 2 pertained the same clever action from FaZe as map one, and at the worst point, left Liquid down 10-1. Although TL was able to climb their way back up to a 15-12 scoreline, FaZe ultimately finished the tournament off, leaving NA CS fans down in the dumps. Over the past year, Liquid has gone through repetitive glimpses of late playoff runs, with occasional grand finals visits, yet their European counterparts have almost always overpowered them. Overall, the Blast Pro tournament as a whole provided for Seriously entertaining CS, and if you're itching for a fix, go back and give it a watch if you missed it initially!