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 Girls at Czech Republic MotoGP

Monster Girls at MotoGP Brno

Aug 072017

Monster Energy MotoGP is over but that doesn't mean that the Monster Girl action stops. With 20 Monster Girls from all over Europe flying in for the weekend it is going to be fun! 

The team was lead by our super hot Czech Monster girls, representing the country where the MotoGP was held. Kristyna, Lucie, Alena and Katerina were just some of the Monster girls you will see in this exclusive behind the scenes album of what happens when Monster Energy does BRNO MotoGP. 

The Monster Girls met the fans at the compound, entertained them with the Rig Riot, and supported our athletes on the Monster Energy Grid and podium. With the weather ever-changing, it meant that not only did it make it an interesting weekend for racing but also kept the Monster Girls constantly entertained! 


The fans were awesome this weekend, so relax and enjoy these behind-the-scenes images from the Monster Energy MotoGP Brno!