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Franco Morbidelli at the 2016 Motul Grand Prix of Valencia

Morbidelli coasts to first ever Grand Prix success

Mar 272017

Franky Morbidelli had long been promising the kind of dominance he displayed in the Moto2 Grand Prix opener at Losail, Qatar last weekend. The EG 0,0 Marc VDS rider set off from Pole Position in the dry first round of eighteen to coast past Thomas Luthi and romp home to a maiden triumph. The Italian had been threatening the Moto2 class with such a performance in numerous fixtures during the second half of the 2016 campaign and made his form count for an emphatic first statement of the 2017 campaign.

“It was difficult…but not that much because I was feeling good and my pace was strong,” the twenty two year old said post-race while exuding a sweet aroma of freshly sprayed (non-alcoholic) champagne. “It was a different kind of race I was faster than anybody and felt comfortable with my pace. We still need to see in race where I have to fight and if I have improved on a weak point from last year. This is just the first race and there are still seventeen to go…but I’m very happy and for sure I will be for the next few days until we have to go again.”


That's what I wanted to do and we’ve been quite fast through the tests here as well. I needed the winter actually! After a year of racing I needed to breathe again and chill out a bit. I think that rest also helped me to come here stronger.

Yes, I was weak in many points! I think the main one was qualifying and I struggled a lot. We did a lot of testing and that is OK…but it is not racing. It is a completely different thing. You can feel fast in the tests and then come to the race and it feels very different. So the first days of this GP made me happy.


I want to fight for the podium every race and to be at the front every race because I know that's what will make me and the crew happy. I want those good positions. Fighting for a victory is always fun but the thing is to do it consistently and that is the job this year.


You looked emotional on that slowing down lap. What was going through your mind?


Lots of emotions when I crossed the finish line; it was a cocktail of emotions actually. You think about everything in your life and I was trying to take all I was feeling and to absorb it. It was so nice.