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Franco Morbidelli at the 2018 GP of Qatar

‘Morbidelli Rising’: launching the fascinating new documentary about the MotoGP star

Mar 012019

“I just chase the things that make me happy…” For MotoGP star Franco Morbidelli this means Grand Prix glory and the hunger of faster lap-times. The quest has been fruitful: the 2017 Moto2 World Championship was won and the Italian shone as a rapid rookie in the premier class during ’18. He is now the star of ‘Morbidelli Rising’ is a brand new documentary airing as part of the ‘Speed Seekers’ series on March 1st and produced by Insight TV and will be essential viewing for bike sport fans and those curious about the characters and racers that make up the high-profile MotoGP discipline.

The 24 year old is one of the ‘bubbling dishes’ ready to be added to the delectable MotoGP spread. He’s at the forefront of the new generation who are invading the onboard camera space of the veteran campaigners.

‘Morbidelli Rising’ gets right into its subject. The Streaming Video on Demand episodes chart the 18 months before Franco’s entry to the premier division, reveals the mentoring and relationship with Rossi, his home life, the nerves and pressure leading up to his debut in MotoGP and the intense training sessions at ‘The Ranch’ facility.


Granted unprecedented and intimate access, Insight TV (which is available on linear TV-channels in 25 different countries and globally through have not only been able to see and show more of Franco than ever before but also produce one of the more detailed and stylish exposes into the making of a MotoGP hero. It might be easy to miss the blur of Franco trackside but you wont want to let this engaging portrait pass you by.