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Images of the track build for the X Games Moto X Dirt contest.

Moto X Dirt - Course Build

Dec 122018

Jackson Strong’s backyard is the perfect playground for evolution in the Freestyle motocross industry.

Now envisage the Australian outback, lit in a sunset glow, filled with jumps of epic proportions and a line-up of athletes who are looking to write history. 

It’s time for the crew to send it! 


The 2nd edition of the X Games Moto X Dirt will see some of the World’s best Moto free riders take on the biggest and most innovative FMX course to date.


As the construction of the massive ’12 pack’ wraps up, we caught up with the brains behind the operation - host and course designer/builder Jackson ‘Jacko' Strong.

So how did this course come about?

I grew up riding BMX and always had a massive appreciation for BMX dirt, how they set their lines up and how they flowed through the line. It was always a dream of mine to bring this to moto.


Every morning on the school bus I would pass a field with these massive piles of dirt. They were dug out of a flood way during the late 70’s and strategically placed at 120ft apart. The property was owned by a family friend and they gave me the keys to build the most badass line in FMX to date.


And then you decided to build it into an event?

Since the start I’ve been passionate about preserving what I think FMX should be.

It’s not just about being able to jump a metal ramp and doing a trick, it’s about taking it back to where it all started, in the hills. It’s about bringing the new school of riders and tricks to the old school.  


All the riders that come spend their year travelling around doing shows and contest in these big stadiums and they don’t get the opportunity to ride the dirt bike where it was meant to be ridden.


Now let’s talk about these insane jumps.

There are 6 jumps with 120ft gap (traditional freestyle ramp is 75ft). Having 6 jumps in a row of this size, takes a lot of skill and timing from the riders and combines the sport of BMX dirt and moto.

This year, we made the jumps a little bigger than 2017 to make it a bit easier to flip.


So is it a contest or progression session?

It’s a bit of both. It’s not about podiums, but instead the riders pushing themselves to be better and have some fun doing it. In saying that, we do have some awards to give out at the end but there’s no format to this, no judges, just for the riders by the riders. It’s all about just sending it!


What tricks can we look out for this time?

Last year we saw some big flip tricks and I reckon we will see a lot more of that this year.

Also, Clinton Moore sent it with the first dirt to dirt body virial. I’d like to see him pull that out of the bag again.


Who are you excited to see hit these things?

I’m most excited to see Benny Richards – last here he was just here helping out and now he’s stepping up to meet the big boys. He’s one to watch out for, for sure.

After 6 days of intense building and shaping, Jacko turned the blank canvas paddock into a mind-blowing playground.  Let’s hope that these guys brought their big boys pants to the party as they are about to face the scariest line they have ever hit on a dirt bike. Stay tuned!


The Riders List

Colby Raha (USA)

Taka Higashino (Japan)

Ben Richards 17yrs old (Wagga Wagga NSW)

Jackson Strong (Lockhart NSW)

Josh Sheehan (Donnybrook WA)

Jake Smith (Griffith NSW)

Clinton Moore (Bundaberg QLD)

Lewis Woods (Melbourne VIC)



Best on the ground

Dirtiest Trick

Sketchiest moment

Most Improved

Best Whip

Biggest Upright Combo