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Motorbike Rider Sandeep Nadimpalli Interview with Monster Energy

Sep 022020

Sandeep Nadimpalli, just like many other youngsters had a tough time convincing his parents to start his professional motorbike riding journey. But he overcame all the hurdles and set his foot in the national track in 2017 and won Honda One Make Championship. Since then, there’s been no looking back. Read on to know the super dedicated and enthusiastic youngster’s journey.

When did you start racing and what developed your passion for this profession? 

I started racing in the year 2016. I took part in a local race and don’t really know how I won but that’s how I started. I then realized how good I am at it and hence, started convincing my parents. I participated in nationals in the year 2017.

What are some challenges you face as a rider? 

I was selected for a national race, and just one week before the race I met with a severe accident. So yes, accidents. And, also sponsorships. The racing gear is quite expensive and there are also a lot of other expenses involved which need to be taken care of.

Which was the first race you participated in?

My very first race was on 5th March 2016 for Bajaj Festival of Speed Season 1

Can you share a memorable incident or ride with us.

In 2018, I raced in the KTM Gusto Racing championship in the 300-400 CC category and for the first race in Coimbatore I had to start from the first grid but unfortunately, after coming into the grid my bike faced some technical issue and so they gave me a pit line start. Pit line start means you will be at the end. I started last and in 3 laps I came to the 3rd position and it started raining and I crashed. That was, so far, the best and the worst race for me.

Which is your dream bike?

I am waiting to get myself a BMW S1000 RR. In 2019, I got to participate in the 1000cc category race and hence, I have been waiting to get that one but unfortunately, it is not out of stock.

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Which is your dream champion race?

The Malaysian Superbike Championship was on my cards this year but this pandemic changed everything. Hopefully, in 2021 I will participate in that race in the 1000cc category. After that, I am going to aim for the Asian Road Racing Championship, which is a very prestigious championship.

What are some misconceptions people have about motorbike racing?

Everyone thinks motorbike racing is a crime. In people’s minds it is still a source of entertainment and not an actual sport. When that perception changes, we will be able to see the sport in a much bigger and brighter light.

Which is your favorite Monster energy drink and why?

The black and green monster can is my all-time favorite drink. It gets me charged up and refreshed.

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