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Motorcycle Rider Sunny Chauhan Interview with Monster Energy

Jul 222020

It’s not about how fast you go it’s about how far you go.

While speed is one thing that excites most people about motorcycle riding, for Sunny Chauhan, it’s the freedom he experiences when he’s on his bike. When it comes to motorcycle riding, this experienced and passionate rider believes is only speeding up on his road to success and plans to put no limits to the miles he has to cover. We got a chance to have a candid conversation with this stunner where he shared all about his experience with motorcycle riding. Read on to know his story.

When and how did you start your journey?

I got a motorcycle when I was 18. The first bike I bought was a Harley Davidson in January 2014. The best thing about this bike is that you can customize it to the extent that you cannot customize any other. It’s very raw, very powerful, and a statement bike to own. I customized it a lot, it’s one of a kind in the entire country.

Which was your first long ride?

My first long ride in January 2014 was from Pune to Mumbai. I got the bike in Pune and while returning to Mumbai, I took a detour to Nasik, and then from Nasik, I rode back to Pune. I also rode from Pune to Delhi - covered 11000 km in 2 months during that period! 

What excites you most about riding?

The fact that it is very impromptu. It’s very enjoyable and makes me feel free.

Are you more of a solo rider or a group rider?

I ride with a group called HOI from Mumbai. It’s one of the most elite and most experienced groups in the country. We have riders who have gone across the globe, who have ridden from Mumbai to Singapore and back, on the motorcycle, and I am the youngest in that group. So, I learned in a group and now I mostly do solo rides basis the objective of the ride.

What are the 3 things that you always keep in mind while riding?

1. Know your limits and your motorcycle’s limits. 2. Plan your stops – I always prefer taking a Monster break during my rides. 3. Travel light and eat light. Motorcycle riders are one of the most efficient travelers.

Have you gone for a ride under extreme weather conditions?

This one time I was riding from Delhi to Pune and this time, I decided to take the Gujarat route. While I was passing from Surat, it was raining so heavily I couldn’t see the car in front of me. I could just see the water splashing behind me, which is what we call the water spray. It was pitch dark during the day. The water was entering my bike from under the engine and it was making loud noises. During the same ride, my helmet visor broke and I had to keep it partially open. But I thoroughly enjoyed that ride, it was definitely one of my bests.

We heard you had a major accident about 6 months back. How did you come out of it stronger?

I went flying off the motorcycle for 100 feet, I rolled 5 times on the road and then I stood up. Physically I had a slightly bruised wrist and shoulder. Apart from that, there were no injuries because I was wearing my helmet and my gear. It’s never about riding fast it’s always about riding smooth and braking much better. During my accident, my mental capability got tested, but it made me aware of my strengths. It taught me to fight back and never give up.

Which is your favourite Monster energy drink?

The Monster Ultra has always been an all-time favourite since it hardly has 10 calories. It supports my fitness goals because it is a brilliant pre-workout drink. Or even during the day when I feel lazy, I have it. I also love their Mango Loco since I am a big fan of mangoes.  

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