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Mrs_Honey and Kubx are joining Monster Energy

Dec 202021

Join us and welcome Mrs_Honey and Kubx - new members of the Monster Energy family!

Monster is very active in the gaming and esports world, also in Poland. This year we were at Poznań Game Arena and we supported the 4th season of Polish Esport Cup, but what is most important our family got bigger. 

Ewa 'Mrs_Honey' Wyszatycka is one of the most popular female streamers in Poland.She started her adventure in 2017. She is know for playing League of Legends, Fortnite, Teamfight Tactics, CS:GO and Valorant.

Jakub 'Kubx' Świtała is a very young streamer and professional Fortnite player. He also plays other games and takes part in various tournaments.

Mrs_Honey and Kubx are Monster Energy ambassadors. They are joining our gaming family, which already includes Paweł 'Saju' Pawełczak, Jakub 'Kubon' Turewicz and Mateusz 'Pago' Pągowski.


Follow their profiles and channels on Twitch, where you will get information about our new activities, products and promotions.

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