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Cal Crutchlow at the 2018 GP of Catalunya


Jun 202018

Ethan Nell grew up riding dirt bikes in his home bade in St. George, Utah before he got into Mountain biking and so naturally loves to go as big and fast as he can. We catched up with Ethan in between shows at MotoGP in Catalunya, where he was throwing down a jaw dropping show together with fellow riders such as Adolf Silva, Sam Reynolds, reminding us once more why he’s part of the Monster family.

“I really thought I was going over the bars at the top of the roll in and was almost sure I was going to die”

Ethan, how are you and how is Barcelona for you?

I’m really great and Barcelona is amazing. it’s actually my first time and at MotoGP, so I’m super pumped to be here and to ride with all the boys. We’re here to do some innovative shows for the public, jumping and doing tricks in between the races to entertain them.

What is your most favourite thing about this weekend?

Barcelona is amazing, for sure, but the best thing for me is actually this set up here – I mean we have a wave pool, a jump set up, a DJ stage, lots of really cool people and we get to see the race, so it couldn’t be better.

So, have you always been a fan of MotoGP?

Honestly? I had actually no idea what MotoGP is until I came here because I’m American and in the US it’s not that big but I’m super excited to watch the race and see what’s going to happen this weekend. I really hope I can go into Valentino Rossi’s pit and see his bike and meet him. That’s one thing I learned since arrived – Valentino is the man. He has his own Monster can so he must be a pretty cool dude, the Doctor! It’s generally cool to get know another sport and expand your knowledge around that.

Would you like to go racing on the track yourself?

Oh, for sure, I would love to race one of those bikes. I think it would be really, really scary and I would need to get used to it but it would also be really fun and I would love to try it.

“I want to take that top spot, sooner than later.”

Do you go straight back to Utah after MotoGP?

From here I actually get into an RV with Sam Reynolds and the boys and we’re road tripping to Les Gets to do some Whip Offs and from there we drive to Nico Vink’s Festseries where I get to ride some big jumps with the dirt bike, so that is going to be really fun trip. And then after that, I fly to New Hampshire to Highland bike park to do some training and coaching some kids. After that I’m home for a couple of weeks and then back to Whistler for Crankworx. So pretty busy summer time but it’s so good to get out of the heat at home and actually be able to do something on the bike.

Did anything crazy happen since you arrived in Barcelona?

Oh today I actually broke my chain on the roll in and almost had a huuuge crash off the top of the roll in. I really thought I was going over the bars at the top of the roll in and was almost sure I was going to die. That was pretty gnarly but luckily nothing else happened. I then just had to push in with my feet for the rest of the session to get into the jumps.

So, what’s happening next? Is your bike fixed yet?

No, it’s not. I now need to find a new chain. I don’t have that many spare bits with me and especially not a chain. Unfortunately, none of the other guys have on either, so it’s probably a trip to the bike shop. If one of the boys would have a chain they would definitely me out, or if I would have something they needed, I would give it to them. Especially when we’re all travelling and coming from different parts of the world, you have to have help from everyone you’re with.

How does your essential travel kit look like?

This trip it’s a lot of stuff because I actually get to ride a dirt bike as well as my Mountain bike, so I brought my Slopestyle bike in one bike bag, my Downhill bike in another bike bag and then a big duffel bag with all my clothes and the Moto boots and helmet, pads etc. You can’t imagine how much luggage that is!

With so much travelling - how does your training schedule look like?

Lately it’s been pretty hot at home, so I’m trying to get up super early, do some stretching and then ride in the morning. You can’t imagine how hot it is during the day – seriously too hot to ride so I’m chilling by the pool or lake, go to the gym and if it’s not too hot then I also do an evening session but lately it’s been even too hot for that. During the winter it’s a different scenario, then it’s usually riding and building all day every day. That’s the best training you can have – time on the bike!

“Barcelona is amazing, for sure, but the best thing for me is actually this set up here.”

What’s the biggest difference between riding in the US vs riding in Europe?

Actually not that much – I mean here, I’m riding a man-made ramp and roll in set up which I don’t ever really ride at home. I usually ride big mountain and am out in the desert a lot so events like the Fest series are more like what I ride at home.

What do you do when you actually have some downtime?

When I have some time off I actually love to just chill and really enjoy being at home doing fun stuff and ride my dirt bike, I absolutely love riding my dirt bike. If I have a bit more time, than I love going down to California and surf.

What is your next big goal?

Definitely winning Rampage. I want to take that top spot, sooner than later. It’s my home event, I grew up in those mountains and that’s where I feel most comfortable, so that top spot is definitely where I want to be.

What’s your advice for life?

I like to have as much fun as possible and do as many cool and exciting things as possible. You just have to enjoy life as much as you can!