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MX Open Senkvice 2019

MX OPEN 2019: Congratulations to the new Slovak Motocross Champions

Oct 302019

Rainy Šenvkice finals brought many emotional moments and definitely decided on 2019 Slovak champions. M-Cross club Šenkvice again showed that they can prepare the final race at a high level, and so it was joy to give the titles away. King class MX OPEN was conquered as expected by Austrian rider Lukas Neurauter from Osička MX team, who also won the promised Ford Focus for Superfinals. MX2 witnessed a dramatic final that was won by Czech rider Martin Krč from Bukša Ados KTM team. Šenkvice finals decided not only on the winner of MX2 Junior, who became Slovak Samuel Struk from Mitterback racing team, but also on the title of MX Junior 125, which went to Czech rider Tomáš Švirák from Motosport Chýnov in AČR.

Final Holeshots in Šenkvice

Filip Neugebauer from Osička MX team won the Holeshot in his first ride and became the most succesfull MX OPEN / MX2 starting rider of the season with four holeshots in total. Second run was won by Tomáš Šimko from PB Racing, for who it was the second one of this year. Jiří Matějec from HT Group won the holeshots among juniors and he kept the first place with 6 in total. Holeshot in superfinals was won by Tomáš Šimko.




Lukas Neurauter (MX OPEN) and Martin Krč (MX2) became the reigning champions of Slovakia in motocross​​​​​​​

Lukas Neurauter (Osička MX Team) dominated both final runs. His team colleague Filip Neugebauer performed well in the first run, however the second wasn’t so good for him and he only nearly missed the podium. However the points for second and fourth positions were enough for being silver in the overall standings. Second place in Šenkvice and third place in total goes to Tomáš Šimko from PB Racing.


Point differences in MX 2 category were really close and Šenkvice was supposed to decide on the champion. Martin Krč from BVKS Ados KTM team and Šimon Jošt from Osička MX team took care of the dramatic final in which Jošt won first and Krč returned the second run so they had both same points in Šenkvice, however Krč had more points from the whole season and so became the Slovak champion. Jošt ended up second followed by Jonáš Nedvěd from ORION Racing team, who finished fifth in Šenkvice.


Junior Slovak Champions are Samuel Struk (MX2 Junior) and Tomáš Švirák (MX Junior 125)

Title battles in Junior categories were even more dramatic and after some exciting runs, the final MX 2 Junior podium looked like this: 1. Matějec, 2. Hendrych, 3. Tomala. However the Championship title went to Samuel Struk, who ended up foruth in Šenkvice, however had enough points to be first overall, he was followed by Jiří Matějec, who had only 2 points less and third Jaroslav Dubóci from Ford Szilcar racing team.


Tomáš Švirák from Motosport Chýnov in  AČR became Junior 125 champion, followed by Martin Venhoda from, who missed out the first race and didn’t have enough points.

Lukas Neurauter won a car for superfinals even without racing in Šenkvice

The last run of the day in Šenkvice was superfinals, however without Lukas Neutrater, who have enough points from the whole season to become the intrepid owner of the Ford Focus that was promised as a reward for the all-season champion without even participating in the last superfinal of the season. So the results in Šenkvice were following: 1. Tomáš Šimko (MX OPEN), 2.  Petr Bartoš (MX OPEN), 3. Jakub Hruška (MX OPEN).

Veterans MX4 and MX4+

Martin Žerava (CZE) from KRTZ Motorsport won all of the runs and rightly earned the title of Champion of Slovakia in the MX4 category. Due to bad weather, the MX4 + done only one run and Roman Majer (CZE) became the overall season winner.