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Slovak MX OPEN series in Gbely 2019

MX OPEN Gbely 2019

Aug 292019

Battle for the penultimate points of the season in the MX OPEN series took place at the Záhoří in Gbely. The weather was perfect, the track professionally prepared and performances breathtaking. The track was filled with spectators and none of the participants certainly regretted attending the race. The Czech and Slovak motocross elite went to the full and this time in MX OPEN Filip Neugebauer defeated Lukáš Neurauter, Martin Krč reaffirmed his dominance in MX2, as did Samuel Lusk in MX2 Junior and Martin Venhoda in MX Junior 125. The last race of this season will take place in Šenkvice on 5th of October 2019 and it will be the last chance for riders to get the maximum value of 50 points.

 Holeshots at Záhorí

As in every MX OPEN race, the fastest starters were judged in Gbely. Filip Neugebauer from the Osička MX team and Patrik Liška from the HT Group racing team won the holeshots in final MX OPEN class race. Samuel Struk from Mitterback Racing team had a the fastest start in both races in Junior class and Pavel Dvořáček moved fastest in the superfinals.


The first final run was dominated by Filip Neugebauer, who played his own game and wouldn’t let anyone overtake him. It was a bit more difficult in the second run, where he had to fight with Šimek, Liška and Neurauter, however he defended his possition and won. He was followed by second Lukas Neurauter and third Tomáš Šimko from PB racing.


Lukas Neurauter is 22 points ahead of Filip Neugebauer and 43 ahead of Tomáš Šimek in the overall torunament standings and all of them have a chance to become Slovak champions In Šenkvice.


In MX 2 category, Martin Krč from BVKS Ados KTM team was relentlessly hounded by Šimon Jošt from Osička MX team, however the first named won both runs. Jošt ended up second and Jonáš Nedvěd from Orion Racing team third. The last race in Šenkvice promises exciting battle as all four MX2 riders have a chance to win the championship.


Junior MX2 and MX125

Both runs were uncompromisingly won by Samuel Struk, followed by Jiří Matějec from HT Group and Marek Nešpor from KRTZ Motorsport. Struk and Matějec have both same chances to win the overall season.


Martin Venhoda from won the MX Junior 125 and took full 50 points for win in both runs. Tomáš Švirák from Motosport Chýnov was second and Luděk Černý third.

Superfinals in Gbely

The last run, which included top 40 riders from all categories was won by Filip Neugebauer (MX OPEN), second was Lukas Neurauter (MX OPEN), third Petr Bartos (MX OPEN), fourth Tomas Simko (MX OPEN) and top five finished Patrik Liska (MX OPEN). Samuel Struk (MX2 Junior) was the fastest Junior in Superfinals with 11th place. Lukas Neurauter is so far the closest to the main prize, the Ford Focus.

Veterans MX4 and MX4+

Martin Žerava from KRTZ Motorsport nor disappointed in Gbely and won the veteran category over 40 in MX4, his team colleague Petr Dokoupil dominated in the oldest category MX4+.