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Romain Febvre at the 2018 Grand Prix of Switzerland

MXGP Suisse Frauenfeld - Romain Febvre

Aug 202018

Last weekend’s MXGP Switzerland in Frauenfeld was a blast and a very successful one for our Monster Energy athletes!

Romain Febvre secured 2nd place, taking a vital step closer to his goal of finishing third in the season. We had the chance to talk to him about life in and around the MXGP circus.

The rider makes the difference in the end and the best athlete wins.

From your personal point of view, how has the MXGP been treating you?

It´s been good. I´ve been in the MXGP Family for a long time now, I´ve been dreaming to do this, to be here since I was a young boy. So now I´m here and I´m giving it my best, trying to be a good athlete. As I started so young, I was able to learn so much from the MXGP family, not only as an athlete, but also as a person. I´m really close with my team and all the people in my team have a really big heart. In other teams it sometimes seems super serious and as if it´s only about the job and performance. But I feel really appreciated as a person AND as an athlete.

For people who don´t know anything about Motocross – why should they start watching and supporting Motocross?

Well first of all you need to like Motorsports in general. In a lot of motorsports, it´s very technical, it´s mainly about the bike or the car. Take Formula 1 or MotoGP for example. It´s like a technical science. In Motocross it´s more about the Athlete, the rider. All the bikes are basically the same. The rider makes the difference in the end and the best athlete wins. It´s comparable to tennis – there’s a lot of different high-quality rackets but in the end, it solely depends on the players skills. And of course, in Motocross, it´s very spectacular for the audience. All the jumps, difficult turns, closeup action.

Did you have a look at this year’s track? What´s your favourite part out there?

The track is pretty much the same as last year. It´s the third time that we are coming here. I really like this track, because it´s especially built for this event. It´s similar to the French tracks as well, the ground, the specifications, so it feels a little like home. And I think my favourite parts are the ones that are close to the spectators, the wave section with the table, that combines a lot of speed with a lot of jumps. That´s the best part for me and also for the spectators, because they can really feel the speed and are almost part of the race.

If this was any other Saturday outside of the race season – what would you be doing?

Motocross! (laughs) No actually, now during the summer I really love to go Jet skiing, there’s a place close to my home that is amazing. And I also go Kite-Surfing. So you see, it´s still a lot of action and adrenaline. I´m not the kind of guy to just hang around at home and chill.

MY wish is to finish the season as number 3. It´s possible, but I need to deliver perfect results. It´s challenging.

So where do you call home at the moment?

(laughs) That´s a good question. I live in Luxemburg, but I also got my own place in Belgium. At the moment I spend most of my time in Belgium, because of the training and because my team and my mechanic are there. So, at the moment I would call Belgium home.

How can we imagine your home? Is it a relaxing environment, or is there also a lot of action?

I own a house in Belgium. From the outside you would never think that it´s my place. It´s not about sport at all, you would never notice that I´m living there. When I´m at home, I also want to be “off” from Motocross a bit. I discuss my bike and the races each and every day, also with my girlfriend and close friends. So, when I´m home I´m really taking a break from the sport. It´s important to find a balance between your sport, which in my case is also my challenging job and your private and free time.

For the rest of this season – what are your expectations? What are you wishing for?

Until the middle of the season, I was third in the MXGP ranking. Then I had an issue with my bike, I crashed and so I lost a lot of points. Right now I´m fifth, but still very close to third, so my wish is to finish third at the end of the season. It´s possible, but I need to deliver perfect results. It´s challenging. But I don´t want to put to much pressure on myself. It´s still five races to go, so it´s wide open, but I can´t afford a slip up.

What´s going to happen after the season is finished?

In October we are going to do the tests for next year and I also need to adapt my training away from the bike. I will go on a short holiday and then I got a pretty big home improvement project. I have an outside garage that I want to make bigger and higher. My stepfather is a building contractor, so he will be able to help me a lot. And I want to finish my heavyweight driver’s license (laughs). The reason for that is: I want to buy a bigger camper and for the one I want I actually need a heavyweight drivers licence. So that´s basically my plan for the winter  

We wish you best of luck for the rest of the season and of course for all your private projects!