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MXGP UK: A chat with Britain's Tommy Searle

Jun 232016

We caught up with UK rider Tommy Searle at his home stop of the MXGP at Matterely Basin.

How is the season going for you so far?

It’s ok it not really what I wanted from the season. I am riding really fast at times and showing signs of having a lot of speed now and again but not really too much consistency, it makes life hard trying to get back from the injury but hopefully now I can get some consistent results and get fighting up at the top again.

Enjoying the home stop?

Yea I really like this race, I have always have done. I am trying to enjoy the racing but when I am off the bike try I am enjoying the fact that the fans are here and the kids and trying to take it all in beaucse it’s a nice position to be in here and so trying not to get too caught up in everything and trying to loosen up a little and enjoy the home crowd!

Best track so far in GP?

I raced the track in Ireland last weekend which was really great but also I really like this track today!

Favourite people to ride with when you are not racing?

Just my mates I ride with Sam and Alex Lowes,  we race road bike and then Ed my mate and Mel Pocock; just my mates really. I don’t really ride with anyone from MXGP when I’m off the bike, Jake Nichols sometimes but for the rest I never ride with anyone that I race with.

What motivates you to push harder and win?

 Its what I do, day in day out, I try and improve. You can’t really say its money because when you are out there its not what you think about. Just trying to be the best I can in myself. Obviously it’s a few more years before I retire but yea just do the best so that when I look back on my career I can say yeah I did the best I could.

Do you still get nervous before a race?

Yeah unfortunately still get nervous, but I think you always will. If you stop getting nervous I suppose its time to stop because you are not bothered about it so yea still have a lot of nerves before the races.  

What riders do you/ did you aspire to growing up?

When I was little it was Carl Nunn, I always used to look up to him because he was racing and winning for Britain at that time and I used to train with his Dad a little but too so yeah Carl Nunn! 

If you were in a computer game and could add a superpower or weapon to your bike what would it be? 

Something that would make me get out the start a lot quicker, some sort of turbo would make life a lot easier!