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Friday images from the 2019 World RX of Spain

My Lid - RX Cartel - Andreas Bakkerud

May 132019

Here’s a riddle for you. Something borrowed, something blue, and something wrapped in carbon fibre. Or all of the above. It’s just about lighter than a big bag of sugar, but strong enough to stop bullets. Not just that, but you can’t go racing without one…

Guessed it yet?

Of course you have. Check out Andreas Bakkerud’s Schuberth SF2 Pro race helmet. Weighing in at a featherlight 1.1kg, and constructed almost entirely of carbon fibre and aramid composites, this is one serious piece of headgear exotica.

“It’s amazing piece of equipment, and I love the way it fits, and the way it looks; but these things are stupid expensive!” Andreas Bakkerud tells us with a smile, after taking his latest podium of 2019 at the World RX of Spain.

“The style of the helmet is pretty recognisable because Michael Schumacher and a lot of other F1 drivers have used Schuberth helmet. Rallycross, Rally, Formula One and GT Racing all have the same safety standard for helmets, (FIA Standard 8860-2010) and it’s important to always to use the best safety equipment possible. That’s why this helmet costs about 7500 euros. It sounds crazy but the helmet is actually on loan to me from EKS! I pumped all my money into the cars just to go racing, so I’m really grateful that they hooked me up.


“I have custom earpieces inside the helmet to help clear communication with my Spotter during the race, and there’s also an option of attaching an extra airflow system to the helmet, for when it gets really hot inside the car. The Iridium visor is perfect for the sunny races at the moment too - although I might change it to a silver one later in the year…”


Hand airbrushed by ImageDesignCustom based in Surrey in the UK, Andreas’ lid is also as eye catching as it is technically advanced. A Norwegian flag bandana design wraps around the front of the lid, alongside trademark Bakkerud Blue detail lines, a bold 13 print race number, and a circuit board style skull design - complete with the team RX Cartel logo - on the back.


“I love the design on it; the team at Monster and Image Design Custom did an incredible job. It was important for me to to incorporate the Norwegian flag as part of the bandana design across the front, and also keep the Bakkerud Blue colour lines. Possibly one of my favourite parts is the RX Cartel logo on the back in chrome - it’s kind of hidden - and is just part of a lot of details on this design which make it stand out. Hopefully the fans like it as well!”