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MyBoard skateboard set up photos at XGames Sydney

#MyBoard - Jake Brown

Feb 152019

What's Jake Brown's board setup? We caught up with him to talk through his competition skateboard setup.


What board are you riding right now? Size?

8 ¼ wide, extra long wheel base. Real Life Pillage skateboard which is Peter Smolik’s brand that I’m a part of.

What grip are you using?

Paradox grip with laced insignia. I place grip on various places of the board depending on the tricks which just helps with grabbing when you’re 20ft in the air and have good control of the board. e.g backside airs, backflip and frontside airs, mute airs, tail grabs, nose grabs

What wheels are you using? Size and why?

58m Formula four Spitfire wheels.

Take us through your trucks & bearings.

Trucks are 215 which is the biggest size Independent makes.

How you ride your trucks (loose or tight)?

You don’t really have a choice on the big air ramp but to go tight but usually it just depends on what I’m skating.

Do you have any lucky charms or unique pre-comp rituals?

They’ve got lucky charms in America, it’s a cereal! Stretching and just make sure that my back’s not locked up.

How many boards would you take with you to a competition? Which ones?

Probably about 3 or 4 cause you never know if one’s going to blow straight out or maybe one just lasts the whole time.

Do you have a favourite board?

This is my favourite board right now but i’ll probably set up a new board tomorrow then that’ll be my favourite.

Got any tips on maintaining your board?

Just put the stuff on that works for you. As soon as that breaks get some new shit!

How often would you change your board or set up?

It all depends - can vary from one week to 3 weeks.

What do you think just before dropping in?

“This better be the one! Let’s get it!”