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#MyInk - Brock Horneman

Aug 192019

This week, we caught with Monster Army BMXer Brock Horneman as he gives us the 411 on his ink. We find out the stories and significance behind his body art designs – the weird and wacky and the sentimental!

#MYink - Brock horneman

How many tattoos do you have?


Tell us the story behind your first tattoo. Where were you? How old were you?

I was in Sydney, staying at Brandon Loupos’ house and his mate had a tattoo gun and he was a pretty average tattoo artist and he wasn’t professional or anything. I got “dreams and reality” tattooed on my wrist and it’s probably the most cringey tattoo I have.

What’s the most sentimental tattoo you have? Tell us the story behind it.

The most sentimental tattoo that I have is probably the one I have on my upper arm, like my shoulder, it’s just like a lantern with a heart in the middle and it has like “meet fear with content” in script like wrapping around it and that script is on my family’s crest and yeah, meet fear with content is what I live by.

Do you have any tattoos you regret?

I have no tattoos that I regret, nah, I don’t have any that I regret.

What is the weirdest tattoo you have? How did you come to having it?

I don’t have any weird tattoos, but instead I’ll say the weirdest place that I’ve been tattooed was at my work in a scooter shop, we set up a little tattoo studio and I got tattooed.

Do you have any other tattoos planned that you’d like to get in the future?

In the future, I want to get basically pretty much everywhere done but my neck. The next one that’s planned is, I want to get my knee finished, because it’s not finished yet and it looks horrible, and then fill out the rest of my arm with some traditional flash at places around the world that I’ve travelled to.