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MyInk athlete tattoo blog series for Monster Energy website

#MyInk - Kyle Baldock

Dec 052018

Artistic freedom and self-expression… we’re all about celebrating it! This week, we catch up to chat with BMX superstar Kyle Baldock as he gives us the 411 on his ink. We find out the stories and significance behind his body art designs – the weird and wacky, the sentimental and the down right regretful.


How many tattoos do you have?

I would say maybe 50, not going to lie I probably have more than that on one leg but let’s just go with 50.

Do you have any tattoos you regret?

No regretful tattoos. I’ve tattooed everything that means something to me mentally and physically like what I’ve been through so, that’s kind of what’s on my body. I haven’t regretted one thing yet.

What’s the most sentimental tattoo you have? Tell us the story behind it.

I can’t even take a photo of it but on my head I have a Medusa. I’ll maybe shave my head and take a photo of it for you. Medusa is for my mum. My mum was the only person that could turn me, a male, to stone and my mum had to be the boy and girl in our family so that’s why I got Medusa. I also have this one on my right arm, which mostly to do with my brother. When he passed away he never got put in the ground so I got a burial ground tattoo cause he’s actually in an urn in my mum’s house. I’ve got the Grim Reaper that takes one side and the angel that holds him together. So you know, you need the good and the bad to get through that.

What is the weirdest tattoo you have? How did you come to having it?

I have this tattoo which I did myself, it’s really faint but I did a smiley face on my leg with my own tattoo gun which I bought from Ebay for like $20 or something. It was crazy, I pressed so hard and no ink really stayed in.

Tell us the story behind your first tattoo. Where were you? How old were you?

My first tattoo was done where I live on the Gold Coast, in a place called Surfer’s Paradise. They are my brother’s names. Jordan is my youngest brother and Blake is my middle brother. When Blake passed away I got more meaningful tattoos. I feel like tattoos mean more as a picture to me than to be spoken to me.

If you had to have one tattoo on your face for life, what would it be and why?

I would honestly get on my eyelids, “Use Manners” cause I feel like in this day and age no one uses their manners anymore. Everyone wants to look scarier or more intimidating than actually being the guy that goes and talks to every person. So there you have it, a closer look into Kyle’s ink and an insight into his life through artistic expression.