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mylid photographs of Courtney Duncan's MXGP helmet

#mylid 2018 WMX leader Duncan gets all-black

Jun 172018

Cutting through the deep sand of Ottobiano this weekend and the Grand Prix of Lombardia will be FIM Women’s Motocross World Championship pacesetter Courtney Duncan. The New Zealander is in her third term of WMX and has been a title contender since her spectacular debut and maiden victory (Qatar) in 2016.

For the moment, and considering the Italian date is round four of six in the WMX season, Duncan has been relishing her position as holder of the red plate and going toe-to-toe with reigning number one Kiara Fontanesi. WMX produced a last round, last race, last lap thriller in France at the tail end of 2017 and could very much head in the same direction in the tenth year of the FIM contest. The 22 year old has travelled from the nether regions of the globe and her hometown of Dunedin to conquer Europe and the world and has put so many aspects of her career and life in the balance.

Despite the stakes Yamaha star Duncan, much like her cool and stoic demeanour, doesn't get too showy with her Fox lid. “Everyone seems to like something that is a bit loud or ‘out there’ but I’m simple about it,” she explains. “I only have a couple of logos and usually run black. I’m the same with my riding gear as well. I think the helmet stands out, which is kinda cool and black & white is also Kiwi colours. I asked for the white inner trim because I’d been looking at the helmet designs of other Monster Energy athletes and I liked Reedy’s [SX ace Chad Reed] helmet from one of the supercross rounds where he had that colour; so I asked Fox and Monster if we could make it happen.

Aside from a ‘Duncan’ logo on the back (“I like to change things, otherwise it gets boring”) #151 also runs some subtle homage to her country with the Ensign. “Sometimes we have the flag in its colours but we changed-it-up a bit in 2018; even though its black as well I know it’s there and it’s riding with me!”


Duncan has been using Fox since 2014 and the rigours and wear of motocross – sand, stones, mud and roost - means the helmets get battered. “I run quite low on them actually!” she admits. “I have just two at the moment and I get through quite a few peaks as you’d guess; I’d say 1 or 2 only last for a few GPs.”


It might only be 1-2 Grands Prix more for Courtney to achieve a lifetime dream.