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Saturday images from the 2018 World RX of Portugal

#MyLid: Petter Solberg’s 2018 Helmet Design

Apr 292018

Following in the wheel-tracks of our #MyLid series opener with reigning World Superbike Champion Jonathan Rea, we switch things into dirt mode by taking a closer look at World RX racer Petter Solberg’s lid.

As a former World Rally Champion picking his way through jumps, tree-lined tracks, and dusty lanes at over 100mph, and now going wheel to wheel in the World RX championship, Petter demands maximum visibility while wearing his protective head gear. Because of this the triple FIA World Champion has opted for an open face type helmet, owing to finding a ‘closed’ type lid as too restrictive.

“It’s what I’m used to, and what I spent years racing in the WRC wearing,” explains Petter. “A helmet is a maybe the most personal piece of equipment for a driver. I have a full carbon-fibre Stilo WRC Des Zero 8860, it’s light and the fit is great. I have tried a closed face helmet, but I just didn’t like it, the view and ventilation just wasn’t good enough for me. When you are racing flat out and sideways, you need to be able to see everything!”

For 2018, the Norwegian racer has also changed up the design on his lid, running a Japanese Anime and Initial-D comic book design, featuring his 2018 specification PSRX Volkswagen Sweden Polo R in full attack mode.

“When I sat down to discuss designs for my 2018 helmet, the most important concept was to retain the spirit of action, 110%, and teamwork we have within PSRX Volkswagen Sweden. In the whole team we have a very proud history of fighting for championships and we have a lot of very talented people working incredibly hard to pull our race programme together; so it was very important to show this.”


“We also wanted to showcase rallycross in a different way, and the anime inspired and Initial-D style cartoons do that perfectly. Above all else, we wanted something cool and different to what we have had previously, and I hope the fans enjoy it as much as I do! The teams from Monster Energy, LikeHell Design, and Image Design Custom Ltd have done a fantastic job!”