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Sunday images from the 2018 World RX of Spain

#MyRaceKit: Johan Kristoffersson

May 102018

Reigning FIA World Rallycross Champion Johan Kristoffersson gives us an exclusive look at the kit he wears while at the wheel of his 600bhp Volkswagen Polo R Supercar.

Steering away from some of the rally traditions of his teammate Petter Solberg, Johan’s gear is heavily influenced by his own circuit racing background. Right from his full face Schuberth lid, to the 911 special edition watch he won while competing against Prince Carl Philip of Sweden in the 2011 Porsche Carrera Cup. Check it out:

OMP is a team sponsor and they have been with Petter for many years. Their gear is super comfortable and to be honest just really really good quality. Because I have been driving for many different teams I’ve tried quite a few different brands ; and OMP is definitely one of my favorites . So I’m actually really glad that the team stuck with them. The overalls are great – they are lightweight and breathable, which is very important when you get super hot in the car.

My gloves are pretty nice, OMP again. I left the design up to the team, but they have one star on them, and this is for my championship title last season, which I am super proud of! My race boots are OMP as well; I pretty much live in these things. The soles have good grip, and I can feel the feedback from the pedals well – which is the most important point!

I use a Schuberth SF1 Pro helmet. It’s a full carbon fibre, closed face type. It’s the opposite to Petter who wears an open helmet. I’ve always worn a closed face helmet. I feel like I go into my own world when I put it on, and it helps me focus. Especially on the pre-grid, I can just put the visor down and go into my bubble to focus on the race. The star on the back of my helmet is for my 2017 World Rallycross Drivers Championship title – the same as on my gloves. I also have the image of the hand gesturing No.1 on the top; I first had this in 2012, where I managed 22 race wins in one season. On the back is also my family motto: “Fortis in Adversis, Humilis in Secundis.”

As I’m using a full-face helmet, I also use custom molded earplugs. They do two jobs – it means I can properly hear my spotter, and also block out some of the surrounding noise from the cockpit. Pretty simple really!

The Simpson Hybrid system is a personal choice. I use this specific one because I am too tall hah! The traditional HANS system that most drivers use adds even more height on top of a drivers shoulders. This is actually a problem for me in the car, because I need all the space I can get. Also if you look back at Petter’s accident in Riga in 2017, the HANS system he used broke his collarbone. This isn’t so likely with the Simpson system!

My watch is actually very special; I won it when I was racing in the Scandinavian Porsche Carrera Cup in 2011 – competing against the Prince of Sweden. I was faster than him haha! The championship had a deal for the watches then; every race winner got one, so I have a few of these. But I always wear this particular one every time I race!