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MyBoard skateboard set up photos at XGames Sydney

#MyTunes - Trey Wood

Oct 192018

What music does skateboarding sensation Trey Wood listen to? We caught up with him at X Games Sydney 2018 to talk through his favourite tunes of the moment.

Trey Wood's Tunes

What’s your favourite song to get hyped up to pre competition?

Every time before a contest I put on Chief Keef - In My Mode.

You’ve got a long haul flight to your next event/comp, what’s your go to music style?

I have a lot of different music styles. I listen to a lot of LoFi house beats, I also listen to Chief Keef or some rock music.

Favorite song of all time?

I wouldn’t say I would have a favorite song of all time but I just like music in general.

Favorite party tune?

I feel like my favourite party tune always changes. Right now it’s probably Key Glock’s music. I just like the way his music makes me feel.

What kind of music do you listen to while training or cruisin’ around?

I like to listen to music over speakers but I don’t like to listen to music with headphones cause I like to hear what my board’s doing and what’s going on around me but I do like to listen to music while I skate. Just crusin’ around probably rap music or rock or something. I’m always changing my music.

Lastly, what’s on your playlist for chill out and relaxing?

There’s this Mellow Beats playlist on Spotify that I listen to a lot which is good for chilling out.