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Nani Roma start at the Dakar

Nani Roma making a legend in the history of Dakar

Jan 082020

Nani Roma is a legend in the Dakar Rally, being the only Spaniard to win on motorcycles and cars, and now he is facing another great challenge in the Dakar Rally 2020, fighting with the greats from his new team, the Borgward Rally Team, with the one who will try to win in the three continents in which the race has been celebrated. And for the future, it is in your mind to try it also in the category that is missing, that of trucks.

We had the opportunity to speak with him before going out to conquer Saudi Arabia.

Here you can read everything:

Why the decision to change teams?

During all this time, I realized that Mini, my former team, had the motivation to work and move further with the category of "buggies", did not want to make many changes, or many tests with the 4x4 category. All this was called to me by the Borgward team, whose project I found interesting, with a good car, being a matter of motivation, personal challenge ... and here we are, very happy.
What differences do you expect in this new Dakar?

The differences are great, especially for me, because I have changed equipment, car, co-driver and desert. On a technical level, above all, because we have changed the continent, it is the type of ecosystem and career that we are going to face, a much more open race, closer to the wild nature of this desert, in winter, where we will face Very low temperatures and nightfall much earlier. The change is brutal, with a very lonely desert, where if any problem arises we will have to solve it.

How is your new car?
It is a robust car, we have lacked a little time to get it ready, to be at the level of the Mini and Toyota, but it is a good car to compete, every day we are learning new things. I would have liked to have had more time, but I think that at the mechanical and competition level it will perform a lot.

What are your expectations in this new edition, with so many changes?

I have been in this race for many years and many trophies in different categories, obviously whenever I go running, I like to win, but it is also true that I am very realistic and I always have my feet on the ground. It is true that we have lacked time to be fully prepared. To be more competitive we are clear that you have to make a career without mistakes. Our goal is to go out every day and complete the stages without stops. It is unrealistic to say that we have a car to go out to win every day, but we will do our best.