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May 232016

If you like your waves in the form of big gaping right-hand tubes right on the rocks, then step on in.

“Nic Von Rupp recently put down an epic session in Portugal and the video has been put forward for Magic Seaweed Winter Session contest.”

Nic Von Rupp

Nic. You just dropped a banger of a Winter Session edit…

This session was classic, i had just taken my weeks break to go snowboarding with 28 of my mates. It was my one full break from surfing for the year and this was the fist session back, straight into some mental pits. Matt Bromley flew over from Ireland for this swell. It actually didn`t t look epic epic on the forecast but i remember rocking up at the carpark and it was just going off... I felt a little out of shape to be honest, specially on a couple of those wipe outs and close outs, but you gotta just man up...haha

With a 20k prize for the best 90 second edit this winter were you thinking about that during the session?

Not at all, First of all you are doing it for yourself, for your heart and soul. Every surfer wants to get tubed right? The possibility of winning 20k from Winter Session is something you start thinking about when you look at the clips from the past weeks.

It’s been a crazy El Nino storm year across the globe creating some huge waves. How have things been in Europe this winter? Had any other memorable sessions?

Its been all time in Europe, really good clean conditions at home in Portugal. We have had plenty of big swells with southerly winds. those S winds easily turn into SE which is straight offshore. SO yeah, its been pumping here and Im stoked I`ve been around to enjoy it all.