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Images from Danny vs Nic project

Nico vs. Danny - When Dirt meets Ice

Sep 162019

What happens when you take one of the NHL's greatest young talents out of his comfort zone and face him up with FMX pioneer Danny Schneider on the motocross track? Or if you take Danny Schneider off the racetrack and put him on ice?

Exactly these questions will be clarified in the latest video. Let's go!

Nico Hischier is an 18-year-old professional ice hockey player from Switzerland, one of the greatest talents in the world. On June 23, 2017, he was drafted in the NHL Entry Draft as No. 1 by the New Jersey Devils. No Swiss Ice Hockey Player accomplished that before him. He is one of the newer members of the Monster Energy family and we could not be happier.

Danny Schneider, born on 17 August 1974, is from Bümplitz near Bern in Switzerland. At age 16, he began his MX career, at age 20, his FMX career. In the discipline Freestyle Motocross, he developed into a pioneer of the Swiss scene. After a serious training accident, he had to end his FMX career. In 2002 he started his life as a custombuilder and biker with the founding of Hard Nine Choppers. His breakthrough came in 2009 with the D'MX bike. Meanwhile, he is a guest on bike shows worldwide and graces the titles of major magazines.

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