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Images of Monster Skateboarder Nyjah Huston

Nyjah - 4 second struggles

Mar 222018

These photos are from the day Nyjah Huston did a nollie inward heel and a switch frontside flip over the volcano in his part. An average skate clip is just a couple seconds. Combined these two tricks were only 4 seconds of his 11 min long part! Do the math on that impressive equation! Nice work Nyjah! 

I’ve been lucky enough to shoot photos for Thrasher over the last 10 plus years. Sometimes, I forget how hard skateboarding actually is. Through the lens, professionals make it look so damn easy! Nyjah is a top offender of making it look easy. I’m smacked back into reality when I fall on my face in front of a crowded restaurant full of onlookers. #HappenedYesterday : (


With the sheer volume of social media clips and online parts that get devoured each day, I’ve noticed more and more people falling victim to what typically plagues filmers and photographers, Loads of people are starting to think skating is easier than it looks. It’s slow but consistent and gets just a little worse with each click or like.


Well that just happened… Ummmm WTF Nyjah!? Thanks for melting my brain! If you still haven’t seen his part that dropped last week stop reading and click play...