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Nyjah Huston wins at the Monster Energy Men's Skateboard Street Final

Nyjah Takes Gold

Jul 222018

The champ is back! Monster Energy congratulates team rider Nyjah Huston for winning gold in Monster Energy Men’s Skateboard Street at X Games Minneapolis 2018 today. In front of a pumped up crowd at U.S. Bank Stadium in downtown Minneapolis, the 23-year-old from Laguna Beach, California, claimed his eighth Skateboard Street gold medal against a field of elite international riders.

Now in its second consecutive year in the Twin Cities, X Games Minneapolis challenged riders with a sprawling concrete street course peppered with ledges, stair sets, quarterpipes, and rails of all sizes. The key to winning in Minneapolis today consisted of stacking a maximum amount of difficult tricks on a broad variety of obstacles without losing momentum on the multi-layered course.

Huston came into the Skateboard Street contest hungry after having to settle for bronze in 2017. But he only recently recovered from a serious knee injury that saw him miss major 2018 season events such as Tampa Pro and the Street League Skateboarding Pro Open in London. With defending gold medalist Kelvin Hoefler and tech skating wunderkind Yuto Horigome looming large over the competition, it was Huston’s turn to reclaim the top spot.


Known to thrive in high-pressure situations, Huston returned to winning form on what was already his 16th X Games appearance. On his second attempt, the most decorated street skateboarder in X Games history sealed the deal with a perfect run chock-full of difficult moves: Gap out to backside overcrook on the rail, overturned frontside 180 to switch crooked on the center ledge, backside kickflip 180 and 360 kickflip over the bump, blunt kickflip on the quarterpipe, backside kickflip lipslide the flat rail, switch frontside feeble the rail, frontside nosegrind transfer over the long flat bar, and a stunning nollie frontside heelflip noseblunt slide earned Huston a 93.00-point score and the gold medal.


“Winning today tastes really sweet,” said Huston. "It was about time,” he continued upon claiming gold in the Twin Cities today.


Huston’s X Games track record is stacked with superlatives: After making his debut in 2006, he became the youngest gold medalist in X Games Skateboard Street history at age 16 in 2011. He now holds 14 medals, including 8 gold medals in Skateboard Street, the most out of any rider to date. Before his recent knee injury, Huston dropped a heavy video part for his shoe sponsor Nike and ended the 2017 Street League Skateboarding season by winning the coveted Super Crown World Championship. Now that he is officially back from his hiatus, the 23-year-old who recently released his first Nike SB pro shoe has his eyes on the next SLS World Tour stop in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.