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Daniel Hanka photos for his video projects Cruise n Roll and Good ol Ski, owned by Dan Hanka

Off season with Daniel Hanka

Apr 142020

Daniel Hanka, is not only a great freeskier, but he is also famous for his rock&roll lifestyle and stylish video edits called Cruise n Roll. We asked him about his summer and what he likes to do, when not shredding the mountains.

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Hi Daniel, how are you doing and where are you?

Hi, I am doing well, of course apart from what is currently happening all around the world. I came back from Innsbruck a few days ago, so I am in Prague.


How did you enjoy winter?

This winter was incredibly strange. It all began in the fall, when I set out on the Stubai Glacier, for pre-season preparation. But the weather was absolutely crazy, so out of 2 months that I planned for riding and practising, I spent only 10 days on the hill! Either there was no snow, or there was some crazy storm, or 100km / h wind...


Any events or experience that you like to remember?

Apart from Soldiers in Deštná in the Orlické Mountains, which was world cup series final, my favourite memory is from last November. I was supposed to take part in slopestyle world cup in Stubai, which was cancelled because of bad weather. The whole mountain resort was shut down so I would go riding on a 3-meter long plastic tube to my friend Daniel Bacher. One day, we were riding and suddenly I see like three quarters of the championship roster walking up the hill to ride with us on the good old plastic tube. So in the end of the day, there were like 50 of us and it was the best session ever - many friends, great music, good vibes and crazy tricks.


Now we all have to take a break for a few weeks, what do you like to do when you're not in the mountains?

It depends... normally I like to go inline skating or swimming. I also love concerts, BBQ with friends, American cars meetings, playing guitar... I also like to go to gym as much as possible, to prepare my body for another season. However i tis not possible now, so I am staying at home, practising guitar, playing computer games and doing exercise. I'm also thinking a lot about next season, trying to figure out and plan what and how, what I'm going to do... but it's hard now... nobody knows what will happen tomorrow...


How is your progress with guitar going, will there be any own songs?

Haha, I am practising like crazy... Im really absorbed... Actually, when I a mat home and I dond do anything on computer, I usually have my guitar in hands all the time. Of course, I would love to write my own songs, but I am not that far yet. So far I'm in the stage of trying to play my favorite songs and riffs. There is still a long way to go ... I would like to get bogged down in theory to learn to improvise and get to know the instrument... Then I think there are some thoughts on my own songs. It's the same as with skis - first you have to learn to ski properly, and then you can start jumping and do tricks.


What kind of music do you like listening to, who inspires you to play the guitar?

I love all the music, but I love rock and roll in all its forms the most ... May favourite are Black Sabbath, Metallica, Motorhead, The Cramps and then about a million more. My biggest inspirations are the first 4 Metallica albums, so good old Trash! Mega energy, downpicking and most heavy riffs.


Do you watch movies / series? What would you recommend?

I like films. I have just finished 1917, and I am totally amazed. Incredible camera and work with lights. I was strained like a string from the beginning to the end. So I recommend it. I love documentaries and I would definitely recommend everyone to watch Icarus - a mindblowing documentary about doping of the world's best athletes. I don't watch many series, but I'm a big fan of Black Mirror - after each episode I was completely gone for 2 days and had to think about it. The second series of Formula 1 was just released... It is series showing behind the scenes of everything around the Formula - incredible production and awfully catchy. I finished the first season in one afternoon, haha. I also like Dirty Money, but I do not recommend it if you are a little sad about our society.

You regularly release your Cruise n Roll series ... Where do you get inspiration for new tricks and ideas for more videos?

I don't even know... It's a pretty natural process for me to think about new things and create. The greatest inspiration is the people I ride with and the places I ride at. As for videos, it's a mix. But most of the time I have no idea what will be the result until I sort all the shots into timeline and go through them. In the vast majority I say, hell, I have nothing filmed, it makes no sense, zero concept... Then I sit at it for 2 days... And gradually I will cut out the diamond... Well diamond probably not, but amethyst certainly... Ha-Ha


What would you advise people who want to learn a new trick?

The basis is to think about the trick and divide everything into parts so it is as safe as possible. So let's say we want to learn mute grab on a jump - cross skis in the air and grab the left ski with your right hand. So I would split it up: step #1: Get use to the jump, where I want to perform the given trick. Step #2: Start bending your legs in the air and trying to put your knees to your chest. Again, until you are super sure. Step #3: Start crossing the skis in the air. And step #4 means to put all the previous steps together and try grabing the ski. When you do it, you have a stylish mute grab! And this approach can be applied to all the tricks, both the most basic and the most difficult in the world.


What are your plans for spring?

I was originally supposed to shoot some back country and park videos in Tyrol, than part for Faction skis in Flachau, followed by Monster evnet in Russia and Kimbo Sessions in Sweden, however all of this was cancelled as everything else. Mountain resorts are closed so I will stay in the Czech Republic and wait for what happens. It is hard to plan anything so it is all chaos. As my whole life, haha.



Not long ago, you were featured on Czech Youtube show Ukaž Káru (Show your ride), where you presented your Buick Wild Cat… Do you have any other plans with this monster?

I have a lot of plans, I would definitely like to make more videos over the summer, I also have to go back to Ukaž káru, because when we were shooting, I had problems with the electricity and the car didn’t run well. So my 0-50 time was almost same as Ewa Farna with here tourbus... I'm sure I want to connect with  DJ Lucky Boy and Ment and create something good with them. I have a lot of ideas, the question is whether I will be able to implement them.