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Monster sponsored MMA Tournament Oktagon 24 taking place in Brno, Czech Republic

Oktagon 24: And still ... David Kozma again defended his title in a bloody battle

Jun 042021

The audience finally returned to the Oktagon on Saturday, May 29, and immediately got an amazing show. The main attraction of the Oktagon 24 tournament in Brno's Zoner BobyHall was the title battle between the Czech champion David Kozma and the Brazilian fighter Leander Apollo Silva. Czech fighter, who is thus still the undefeated king of welter, won the bloody duel full of adrenaline moments.

The tournament was started by Matěj Peňaz, who showed a lightning KO and in a post-match interview he talked about the bonus of the evening and challenged Vlasto Čepo. This was followed by another brutal fast KO of the local Robin Fošum, who destroyed  French fighter Abdoul Sowa. There was a lot to watch in each of the prelims' matches, but the most brutal duel was definitely performed by Miroslav Brož and Christian Jungwirth. According to the judges, the local Brož narrowly won a great three-round battle full of sharp shootouts.


The main card started with Filip Mack's victory over Italian Luc Lovin. Filip performed a great match and advanced in the pyramid for the title match in a bantamweight. This was followed by the "Battle for Vémola," in which the Polish toughman Marcin Naruszczka defeated the American Eric Spicely and will compete in the summer at Štvanice with Karlos "Terminator" Vémola for middleweight belt. Viktor Pešta, who dealt with the Italian Nosiglia in the second round and challenged the Russian Ragozin to another match, won the penultimate match of the evening.


The main match of the tournament for the title in the welter's weight will definitely go down in the history of the local MMA. If you haven't seen the five-round battle between David Kozma and Apollo Silva, or you want to enjoy it again, watch above. All fights are on Oktagon Youtube.




Main Card

170 lbs: David Kozma (28-11) defeated Leandro Silva (25-9-1) by decision

205 lbs: Viktor Pešta (17-6) defeated Riccarda Nosigliu (8-3) by TKO in 2. round
Catchweight 194 lbs: Marcin Naruszczka (22-9-2) defeated Eric Spicely (16-7) by TKO in 2. round
135 lbs: Filip Macek (24-15-1) defeated Luca Iovin (16-7) by submission in 3. round



185 lbs: David Hošek (5-2-1) defeated Oleg Nagorny (4-4) by TKO in 2. round
170 lbs: Miroslav Brož (11-3) defeated Christian Jungwirth (9-4) by decission
205 lbs: Jorick Montagnac (2-1) defeated Jozef Jaloviar (1-1) by decision

205 lbs: Robin Fošum (2-1) defeated Abdoul Sowa (2-2) by KO in 1. round
185 lbs: Matěj Peňáz (3-0) defeated Carlose Gracu (2-1) by KO in 1. round