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Monster sponsored MMA Tournament Oktagon 28 taking place in Prague, Czechia

Oktagon 28: Pešta is the new light-heavyweight champion

Oct 042021

Saturday's Oktagon 28 tournament in the O2 Universum arena in Prague was once again a showcase of big names from the domestic and foreign MMA scenes, and there was definitely no shortage of exciting matches. The main attraction was the world-class title battle between the light-heavyweight number one Viktor Pešta and the best German fighter of all time, the "Terminator" Pütz, who is one of the top fighters in Europe. After the third round, the victory went to Viktor Pešta, who thus became the first champion of the light-heavy weight category.

The title fight between Pešta and Pütz was very even, but unfortunately it ended the worst scenario by doctor stoppage after third round due to heavy bleeding from big cut on the nose of the German Terminator. Pütz protested against the verdict and asked for rematch, so given the great performances of both fighters, we have something to look forward to. You can watch the whole match here:

Another highly anticipated match, between domestic MMA legend Petr Monster Kníže and Brazilian beater Kaik Brito, was a great spectacle from start to finish. The first round was very sharp, Brito dominated it quite clearly and at the last second he broke Monster‘s nose with hard accurate shot. In the second round, Brito tried to push again, but Kníže got him on the ground and tormented him a few times. In the third round, Monster reigned on the ground and the whole match was finally decided by the points judges in his favour. Petr Kníže then challenged the current champion David Kozma.


The local fighters did well in the rest of the main card. Leo Brichta uncompromisingly defeated a very strong world-class opponent Damien Lapilus, Miroslav Brož and Andrej Kalašnik defeated their opponents on the submisse in the first round and Kalašnik won the evening's bonus for his Rear-Naked-Choke. David Hošek turned off his opponent with a hard blow in the second round.


In the prelims, Matěj Peňáz from Brno shone again, with a beautiful KO in less than 2 minutes of the match and thus continues the series of victories. However there were attractive matches since the very beginning of the tournament.


All results are here:


Main Card


Viktor Pešta vs. Stepan Putz, RSC, doctor stoppage 3. round


Kaik Brito vs. Petr Kníže, decission


Leo Brichta vs. Damien Lapilus, 2. round TKO


Miroslav Brož vs. Emmanuel Dawa, 1. round submission (neck crank)


Andrej Kalašnik vs. Christian Jungwirth, 1. round submission (rear-naked choke)


Marcin Narusczczka vs. David Hošek, 2. round TKO





Matěj Peňáz vs. Mateusz Strzelczyk, 1. round KO


Matěj Kuzník vs. David Moon, 1. round KO


Michal Konrád vs. David Martiník, decission


Zdeněk Polívka vs. Eric Spicely, 1. round TKO


Jakub Tichota vs. Risto Dimitrov, 1. round TKO


Vladimír Lengál vs. Luboš Lesák, decission