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Olamide 2017 Photoshoot


Nov 212017

Monster Energy proudly welcomes Naija music icon Olamide to the family. In between a heavy touring schedule and working on his forthcoming album. We catch up with Nigeria's baddest recording artist in this exclusive Q&A.

Read on to find out more...

Firstly, welcome to the family Olamide, could you tell us about yourself and your background? 

I was born 15th March 1989, the second child of three children, born and brought up in Bariga, Lagos State.

What would you say inspires the music you create?

I get my inspiration from the street, the things I see every day and from God.

What song or album could be the soundtrack to your life and why?

I couldn't really pick one song or album. All of my music comes from real life experiences so you could say all of my songs are soundtracks to my life, with a side of street lamba (slang). A message to all the hustlers, every one of them at a particular time is a soundtrack to my life.

If not rap what would you be doing?

Definitely Football!!!

If you could invite five people – living or not – to a dinner party, Who would be there and what would you serve?

I would invite Jay-Z, Beyonce, Barack Obama, Governor Ambode. I'd serve Eba and Egusi soup with fish. Haha!

The Monster tie-up suits your attitude and style; do you think it will open doors for you to try other things like action & motor sports? If so, which sport or activity in the Monster world would you like to experience?

I would definitely love to try my hand at driving a Trophy Truck, like what BJ Baldwin drives. I love the look of them, they are bold, monstrous and in your face!

Where is your favourite place in the world and what makes it so special to you?

Home! There is a feeling that you can’t explain when you are home. Even when I travel to the most exotic places in the world, after few days I start to miss home and want to go back. The people that matter the most to me are there and that is what makes it special to me.

What are your simple pleasures in life?

That feeling of accomplishment after completing a big project. Saying a prayer of thanks.

What was your life goal aged 10?

I am sure it was to become rich, I'm not sure I bothered about how but I knew I just wanted to be rich. 

And what is it now?

To achieve! I am grateful for how far I have come but I am not there yet. ..

Some people say that you are the luckiest person in the world, what would you say to that?

Lucky? I don’t think my story has anything to do with luck, to me it was simply grace and favour from God almighty, hard work and a lot of determination.

If you could give a sentence or words on wisdom to your fans about achieving their dreams, what would you say?

Always believe in yourself, work hard and pray!