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Oleg from Piranha talks about Wasted Fest, music and skateboarding

Oct 132017

Before one of our favorite festivals in Sofia - Wasted Fest, we met with our friend, drummer of Piranha and co-organizer of the event, Oleg Karaganov, to tell us a bit more about the creation of the fest, the groups that will play and the connection between music and skateboarding.

Hi Oleg, Thank you for spending some time with us just before one of the big events in skateclub Grindhouse.  <div>In what way are you connected with Wasted Fest and how was the idea born? </div>

I‘m connected in several ways. I and Shuta from our band Piranha organize the whole thing and I‘m also the manager of the club. The idea came for Shuta of course. He called me one day and said: „Hey I have a very stupid idea. Do you want to do a yearly fest called WASTED in Grindhouse? Without any hesitation I said yes and we had our own little festival.

This is the 6-th edition already which means there is interest and that it‘s growing. What do you think are the reasons for that?

I think it comes down to the different types of bands and the extreme styles that each of them play - PUNK, HARDCORE, GRINDCORE, DEATH METAL, THRASH METAL and so on. Also to the many great friends we have who support us in all our crazy stuff.

Like you said you are the manager of the club. How many events of this caliber do you have per year?

In recent times we have quite a few. The sound in the club is very good now so we can have bigger shows.

There is not 1 but 2 miniramps now. Are we going to see skateboarding during the fest?

Since this summer we have a new ramp outside thanks to Shuta who initiated the project, CONTRABANDA shop for financing it and last but not least to the skate legend August who build it. At the event anyone how wants to skate can do it on the new ramp outside.

Skateboarding and music go hand in hand and you’re involved in both activities. Are we going to see more combined event in the future?

Of course, more and more. Soon we are going to announce an event with live music and a skate demo.

Tell us something more about the band that are coming.

This year like the ones before we will have 10 bands from different styles – 7 local and 3 foreign. LUCKY NUMBER NICK will open the show, after that we will see the well-known pop punk formation PAPERWINGS followed by KING OF SOROW – serious hardcore. The rock‘n roll boys from DREG STARZ, doom death killers DARK INCOGNITO. Then it‘s our band Piranha, the Romanians FOR THE WICKED who are coming for the second time. Then the newcomers from the UK EXIST IMORTAL follow by Sofia‘s hardcore pride – LAST HOPE and the „headliners“ will be ANGEL CREW from Belgium who are going to blow our mind for sure.
Thanks again for your time and see you at Wasted Again Fest 2017.