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Pictures from Zaxidfest rock music festival sponsored by Monster in Lviv, Ukraine

Outdoor, atmosphere, luv. Zaxidfest 2019

Aug 282019

Monster Energy has first visited Zaxidfest this year, being the festival sponsor. It’s a match - what else can we say! Monster Stage has become somewhat an epicenter of festival rampage, with non-stop slams and dedicated fans. The best thing is probably the fact everything occurs almost in the wild, being totally outdoor with most of the visitors living in festival camping nearby. It’s easy to get in touch virtually with anybody here - all visitors share some common vibe. There is also no surprise to see Yakiv among people - festival’s godfather, who is casually walking around, taking pictures, chatting and enjoying the thing throughout the day.

“Zaxid has always been an outdoor and camping festival, it was the concept from the very beginning. Once we had it in the plain field, the other time it was children’s camp. One time Zaxid took place in the ancient castle, which was about 400 years old by the day. Now, as you can see, it’s a great area surrounded by forests and lakes. I believe, this kind of mix contributes a lot. There is no place where you would party, love and enjoy your life the same as you do it outdoors. No way you can experience it in the concrete jungle.” - says Yakiv.

True, atmosphere here is something drastically different from what we’ve seen at city festivals. Raging freedom, carelessness and complete absence of any brakes. Here’s your bizarre outfits, own community symbols and flags and various festival-lover divisions. You can clearly feel that “local” community already has a certain set of own rituals and traditions formed long time ago. Well, perhaps these are understandable for insiders mostly. And there’s a great deal of them here.


“We have an enormous fan-base. I believe it marks some 27k people, every each of whom has attended the festival at least 3 times. City festivals are entirely different concept and audience, they have a large portion of situational visitors. Meaning, you got some hyping event, you catch a cab or a subway with your friends and go down to the festival. Getting to Zaxidfest is a planned ahead adventure, therefore people prepare for it - learn what is it all about. There is just a few random visitors here, with a massive community sharing common values instead.


Back in 2014-2015 we had a guy named Bohdan. Good human being, I guess he had his dentist studies by the time. But his partying style on Zaxidfest made him becoming a local meme. In fact, he even became our unofficial mascot. The dude was roaming around just in his underwear not minding people to do “body art” on him. He would approach everybody doing this heart-shaped gesture with his hands over the head saying “Luuuuuv”. There was an overwhelming number of stories, photos and videos featuring him; his gesture combined with this signature word have become nothing but viral. After all, “luv” follows Zaxidfest by this day - we use it in all our communications and visuals. Even though we are deemed to be rather heavy rock festival, I would say we can be characterized by these three words, which are “atmosphere”, “outdoors” and “luv”.”


Another achievement of this year is our very own Monster Stage. By the final day of the festival you could easily recall every fan of the stage, as they have been ripping here every day, not missing a single performance. The connection between this mini-community and Monster was especially visible during the Lacuna Coil signature session. The number of people, the vibe and the overall process was amazing. Everybody received his signature on a hero card, a can of Monster and some hugs from Cristina. Sure thing, our favorite moment was the Italians’ performance itself - there could not be better addition to Monster Energy than these guys.

“The best thing about collaborating with Monster is the fan feedback. We have an internal chat with around 800 of the most core fans, who want to be involved and often they do. No jokes here - I’ve never seen such a reaction from them, as it was after announcing Monster as a partner. They really did know a lot about Monster - were wondering about any extra flavors or Monster merchandise etc. One dude has even shared a picture of his Monster collection, which is over 20 cans of various flavors. I’ve realized - both of us have hit the target. Like really, Monster with this audience, with this music - damn, it’s amazing!”


Long story short - we are super stocked on Zaxidfest, looking forward for the next years to come. Zaxid-people - you rock!


“There is a lot of festivals here, but just a few of good ones. Hands down to determined promoters, it’s a genuinely hard work to establish the Ukrainian festival movement. Yeah, I do believe it’s on the stage of establishment: Zaxidfest is 11 years old and I feel like we are kids against Sziget or Woodstok. We are on the stage of development, but I know it’s a way towards enlarging and upgrading, stronger competition. Sound pragmatic concept and model will take over after all. Today we are pushing for increased quality of our infrastructure and visitor’s comfort. Security is our first priority, thus we conduct a lot of work with our staff, especially guards, to ensure they deliver this sense of safety to our guests. You know, being on the festival in the field in, say, slightly uplifted mood - is an additional danger zone. Still, I’ve forgot about fights and riots long time ago. Everybody is so peaceful and kind here. Luuuuv!”