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Aug 282017

Earlier this week, Monster Energy bull riders Derek Kolbaba and Chase Outlaw were named to the U.S. team for the upcoming Global Cup in November.

The international team competition will take place, in Edmonton, Canada, a week after the conclusion of the World Finals in Las Vegas.

The event will take place November 9-11 at Rogers Palace.

Kolbaba is currently ranked fourth in the world, while Outlaw is fifth.

Two-time World Champion and fellow Monster Energy bull rider J.B. Mauney earned a spot on the team, but has been replaced on the roster of top U.S. riders following season-ending shoulder surgery. Monster Energy rider Robson Palermo has been named coach of the heavily-favored Brazilian team.

Outlaw said he simply thrives on competing alongside the top-ranked bull riders in the world and riding the rankest bulls.


“Believing in myself and bearing my hat down and trying my butt off every time I nod my head,” Outlaw said. “These are the best bulls in the world—that’s why they don’t ride very many of them.”


Outlaw is currently competing in Brazil.


Following a pair of elite televised PBR events in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Nashville, Tennessee, the top riders in the world have a week off. Outlaw traveled to South America with fellow American bull rider Stormy Wing and several of the top-ranked Brazilian riders.


Outlaw is in the midst of a career-season.


Having qualified for the World Finals in each of the past five seasons, he is a viable contender for the 2017 world title.


Two-time World Champion and CBS Sports commentator Justin McBride described the Arkansas cowboy as a “gritty little bull rider.”


McBride added, “This sport is all about reaction. You cannot think about it and Chase is good at simply reacting.”


Nine-time World Champion and longtime television broadcaster Ty Murray said, “This guy got his shoulders fixed and he’s ready to rock n roll.”


Murray was, of course, speaking about Outlaw’s disappointing 2015 season and the shortened 2016 season Outlaw labored through with back to back shoulder injuries.


Nevertheless, the 25-year-old does not lack confidence and has known that he’d be a contender if he could stay healthy.


Likewise, Outlaw has had no lack of confidence in 2017.


He’s made things happen for himself all season. Or as others have noted, just does his job and lets the rest sort itself out.


On those occasions when the score hasn’t been in his favor, Outlaw quipped, “Well, we’ll win the short round.”


Outlaw has been a force of positivity.


So too has Kolbaba.


Outlaw recently Tweeted, “A bad attitude can literally block love, blessings and destiny from finding you. Don’t be the reason you don’t succeed.”


He finished up the summer portion of the grueling 10-plus-month long season with a pair of lower-level PBR event wins coupled with a win in the 15/15 Bucking Battle back in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, while Kolbaba secured his place in the Top 5 for the stretch run with a trio of summer victories and four other Top 10 finishes.


Kolbaba also won a pair of elite televised events in the early part of the season.


Outlaw and Kolbaba will rejoin the elite PBR tour this coming week in Thackerville, Oklahoma.