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Images from the Sioux Falls PBR Unleash the Beast


Jun 202019

Four Monster Energy bull riders—Chase Outlaw, Derek Kolbaba, Jose Vitor Leme and Cannon Cravens—accounted for half of the eight 90-plus scores in a bonus challenge this past weekend in Bismarck, North Dakota.

It was a night, the likes of which had not been seen since a 2001 PBR event in St. Louis, Missouri, or the night 11 riders tapped off in Round 2 of the 1999 PBR World Finals.

Outlaw brought the crowd to its feet with 94.75 points on Smooth Wreck.

“It was so clear, but it was just a blur,” said Outlaw, recalling the highest marked ride of his career.


Outlaw said he had never experienced that kind of clarity in the midst of such a rank bull ride. In fact, afterward, he asked fellow Monster Energy teammate J.B. Mauney if he had ever felt the same way “when he was slaying all them dragons.”


“It's hard to believe—as rank as they were—everything was just in slow motion,” Mauney told him.


With the crowd on its feet, the excitement in the arena reaching a fever-pitch, Outlaw said he knew the numbers were going to be big. 


“That some-bitch was bucking,” said Outlaw, who is thankful to have been part of such a memorable night of bull riding. “That was bad ass. When 90.25 (points) wins eighth in the round, that’s honky.”


Outlaw added, “All those 90-point bull rides, yeah, they were 90-point bull rides.”


Kolbaba was 93.75 points on Biker Bob for second in the round, while Leme and Cravens were 91 points each on Rising Sun and Stretch respectively.


Lost in the hysteria of all the 90-point rides, including a stretch of six consecutive outs, was that Outlaw and his teammates—Cooper Davis and Sage Kimzey—beat out Leme and a pair of Brazilian riders to win the team challenge.


Outlaw, Kimzey and Davis, the team captain, split $100,000 for the win.


“it was some rank shit to see in person,” Outlaw said.


Not only was this 2019 event special, but the Bismarck Event Center has been a special place for Outlaw in past years.


After riding Prince Albert for 92 points, in 2013, Outlaw was told his best friend had to make the decision to take his father off life support the next morning on Father’s Day. Outlaw immediately called and said, “I’ll dedicate that (win) to your daddy.”


Three years ago, in 2016, he was knocked out in the opening round. 


Came back to ride Modified Clyde for 90.5 points in Round 2.


The next day, Outlaw said, “I got married at Chad (Berger’s) house. … There’s some real sentimental value with this bull riding.” 


Outlaw, who celebrated their third wedding anniversary with his family and the Berger family, will be in Vinita, Oklahoma, this weekend for a three-man bonus challenge with the winner earning a $40,000 payday. Outlaw and Ryan Dirteater were invited to participate in the bonus challenge, while the third spot will be filled by the winner of the event.


Outlaw the rest of the entire Monster Energy team will next compete at an elite televised PBR event at the Last Cowboy Standing next month in Cheyenne, Wyoming.