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Photos during MDC Drift in Athens GR, feat ME Drift driver from CY Charalampos (Pampos) Tsouri


Oct 302017

During October we had the opportunity to see the comeback of one of the biggest drift challenges in Greece! MDC was back with two hot rounds in Creta and Marathon Athens.

Many Greek, Cypriot and foreign drivers were there to compete for a place to the podium.

Monster Energy drift driver Pampos Tsouri was there too, along with Cypriot team. Check what he told us after the race in Marathon.

"I would love to race with Vaughn Gittin"

Hey, Pampos! Tell us a few words about your car and how you tuned it?

My racing car is a 200sx s13 with an RB30 engine. It produces 800 horsepower and 90 kilos of torque. The transmission is a five-speed sequential Samsonas and at the back of the car there is a Winters differential!

What are your impressions of today's race in Marathon?

My impressions of today's race are very good! Unfortunately, we had some issues with the car in our practice runs due to a broken clutch and gears. Therefore, we choose not to go flat out, in order not to wreck the car and finish the race.

Many Cypriot drivers participated in Crete’s and Marathon’s race. How would you describe their performance?

Based on the results, I can say for sure that their performance were amazing! In Crete, Cypriot drivers were dominating from the second place to eighth. This makes me really proud and happy as I am the Deputy Chairman of the Cypriot Power Drift Club.

With which drifter would you like to race with?

I really like this question! I'd love to race with Vaughn Gittin, who is also an athlete of Monster Energy. He is a very talented driver. I would be really excited and happy if something like that happened!

Have you planned other races outside of Cyprus?

We are towards the end of the season. We are returning to Cyprus for two other races and we will go flat out for the championship.

What are your plans for the next season?

There are some thoughts about changing a car, we'll put everything down and we will decide. Surely, we will be stronger, and more experienced.


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