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Pictures from live performance of  Papa Roach in Moscow.

Papa Roach releases video for 3rd new single “American Dreams”

Aug 172017

Monster Energy hard rockers Papa Roach have unveiled a 3rd music video from their latest album “Crooked Teeth”. The track American Dreams comes at a poignant time, addressing the band’s strong feelings towards the state of current political affairs, both nationally and globally. As a true testament to “American Dreams” vocalist Jacoby Shaddix speaks out "America is struggling, America is divided, America is hurting right now. We're at a fever pitch of confusion, smoke and mirrors, blatant lies. The American Dream is on the chopping block".

In the song’s lyrics, Shaddix asks the pleaful question "Have you ever thought that war was a sickness?”. A lifelong pacifist, Jacoby confides "My father is a Vietnam veteran. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and the disintegration of the American family are things I've dealt with personally. I know other people relate."


On the overall theme of the album, Shaddix laments: “I just feel like some of the stuff that’s going on right now in the world and I don’t want to fucking sing about it, I’ve got to shout, I want to rap, I want to scream, I want to f*#king be heard and so I think it was just all those parts kind of just pushed us into this new space of almost like a ‘Let’s introduce who the fuck we are to the people.’ And I think that attitude affected the music majorly and I think it’s gotten us to a space where we’re like ‘F*#k, this is who we are now.’ And it feels really good because it’s a pretty bold, adventurous rock record; it’s all over the place.”


Papa Roach is preparing to embark on huge European Tour this September and will be showcasing material from their “Crooked Teeth” album, including “American Dreams” and the latest single “Periscope”. With the massive success of Crooked Teeth and the 20th anniversary of their landmark album “Infest” approaching, it is an important time for these hard rock mainstays. Having recently crushed US Festivals Rock On The Range, Carolina Rebellion and Welcome To Rockville, Papa Roach are about to show Europe how we rock in the good old U.S. of A.


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Crooked Teeth is available to purchase through Amazon USiTunes as well as a Deluxe Edition.