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Lifestyle imagery of new Speedway recruit Patryk Dudek

Patryk Dudek: I would like to be World Champion one day

May 232017

Patryk Dudek is a Polish speedway champion, one of the most talented and stylish riders of his generation and a new member of the Monster family. Shortly before the Speedway GP round in Warsaw we caught up with Patryk for a little chat on his racing habits and first full season in the world championship series.

I really like the original one, but I just tried the new Hamilton '44' edition and that's really cool, I love it!

Monster’s about motorsport, action sports and heavy music. What kind of music do you prefer? Do you like listening to music before speedway meetings to get focused?


Sometimes. It’s depend how I feel before the meeting and what kind of meeting it is. I really like hip hop and house remixes, so I listen to that mostly but I don’t have a special kind which I prefer.

Well, I always clap my bike before a heat and after wins. Also, before the Krsko Grand Prix I went for a little run and I finished the meeting 3rd so then I did it again in Warsaw and think will I will repeat it before the next rounds too!

Who are your speedway idols? Anyone you look up to regarding their racing style? Who was your speedway childhood hero?


When I was kid I always loved watching [the 2000 SGP World Champion] Mark Loram. He was the perfect fighter and had an awesome style, he was all-action. I can say he was my hero for sure.

Well, all of my preparation stayed the same,  the only real changes were in my workshop, where I had to buy a few more bikes and engines to be ready for the GP's and the Polish league days after.  Also my team grew, I had to sort a manager who will take care of all my communications with the GP promoters and my sponsors. The rest stayed as before.

What is your favourite speedway track? Do you prefer grippy surfaces or slick tracks?


I like it when there is a little grip, because then we can catch speed and it's much better racing. Of course now we have a lot of slick tracks, and sometimes it's good racing there also, but I think it’s not comfortable for bikes, riders and especially supporters to race and watch speedway in dust, so I like some grip.

That will be awesome and of course I would like to be World Champion one day, but I want race this year with good health and just have fun. I know if I am happy when racing and my fans are too then success will come, but I don't have pressure to do something here and now. I believe it will come in the right time!