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Last Hope new album release

Peacemaker: Last Hope's new Album

Nov 212019

Last Hope are releasing their new album Peacemaker on 28th of November at club Mixtape 5 in Sofia. We already heard one of the new songs from the album - One of us, back in October. That made us even more eager to find out more about the project. That's why we sat down with Alexander Boyadjiev (the frontman of the band) to get the scoot of everything around the new album.

Hi Alex, tell us a bit more about the new album and the future premiere?

The new album is called Peacemaker and it's going out on 28th  of November in Bulgaria, and on 29th of November on the European market. The album has 10 songs, and in some of them we feature our long time friends: Vendetta, First Blood and Risk It. We'll present the new album at club Mixtape 5 in Sofia on 28th of November. Our friends from Rebound, Expectations and Brond will be there to make the party really great. People can buy our disk or vinyl on the spot, and also on all the streaming platforms.

Recently you've released a video from one of the songs One of Us. The social media went crazy and you got tons of reposts and shares. The video features some crazy moments from your live performances.

Yes, we're very happy that people liked  One of Us so much. This makes us want to perform it live even more. The idea was to create just another lyric video, but then it turned out that we have quite a lot of material from our concerts for the past 2 years. All an all it turn out a great "hybrid" video, which i hope that shows how dynamic we're at the concerts.